How to beat KK

Mat­shidiso knocks busi­ness­man KK out of the run­ning by pre­tend­ing that he knocked her down.

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Mat­shidiso is gun­ning for KK after he dou­ble­crossed her. Week­days SABC2 (*192) 21:00

Mat­shidiso (Buhle Sa­muels) and for­mer boyfriend KK’s (Mcdon­ald Ndou) love-hate re­la­tion­ship has been sim­mer­ing vol­cani­cally ever since he snatched that glit­ter­ing gold mine out from un­der her nose on Thurs­day 29 Septem­ber. She started lay­ing the ground­work for her sneaki­est scheme on Fri­day 14 Oc­to­ber with a sim­ple bruise. And KK had no idea that he was al­ready play­ing into her hands when he hu­mil­i­ated her in front of her col­leagues on Wed­nes­day 19 Oc­to­ber. In fact, he felt pretty invin­ci­ble, since he hopped back into bed with a “hum­bled” Mat­shidiso on Thurs­day 20 Oc­to­ber. And when her Miss-Nice- Girl se­duc­tion doesn’t bring in the re­wards that Mat­shidiso wants, it’s time to spring her trap…


Fol­low­ing a very pub­lic fall­ing out with KK on Thurs­day 27 Oc­to­ber, “poor” Mat­shidiso goes run­ning to Nonny (Phindile Gwala) on Mon­day 31 Oc­to­ber. “Big mouths make a lot of noise and if you plant the right seed, they will go about spread­ing that as a truth,” says Buhle. “Gos­sip is good enough to paint a cer­tain pic­ture.” What a nasty pic­ture it is! “You know when you want to tell some­one some­thing but you’re not ac­tu­ally telling them? That’s the kind of strat­egy she uses with Nonny. She’s not like, ‘Ohhh waah, you know that just hap­pened?’ She’s like, ‘I don’t want to tell you. Oh, but my an­kle… broke.’ She uses the fact that she and KK have quite a tu­mul­tuous re­la­tion­ship.” And KK al­ready has a big stain on his rep­u­ta­tion as an abuser since he was caught emo­tion­ally bat­ter­ing his wife, Meme (Tsholofelo Monedi) in 2011.


With Nonny in the bag, Mat­shidiso sets the cops on KK. “She goes out and she learns about abuse. With Noma (Sana Nchunu), she gets some­body to beat her up, so she’s will­ing to do any­thing. She presents some com­pelling ev­i­dence on her body, she has abuse scars,” re­veals Buhle. And Mat­shidiso rev­els in her vic­tory when the cops come knock­ing at KK’s door on Wed­nes­day 2 Novem­ber. “The cops come and they gen­uinely be­lieve it be­cause he’s pre­vi­ously had is­sues with that,” says Buhle. “She can smell the blood, she’s in for the kill. Just one more step and then she’s go­ing to get ev­ery­thing that she wants.”


Mat­shidiso would nor­mally have been in grave dan­ger after cross­ing KK with a lie like that – only she’s set her trap too skil­fully. “It’s the per­fect thing. He can’t touch her, he can’t hit her, he can’t take her out, he can’t do any­thing to her be­cause as soon as that hap­pens, then he’s in trou­ble,” ex­plains Buhle. “She knows that she has him where she wants him and she’s like, ‘Now give me what I want! I want my land, give it to me or you’re in trou­ble’.” On Fri­day 4 Novem­ber, KK kicks Mat­shidiso out of his pent­house in an im­po­tent rage. “He feels stupid for be­liev­ing that she could just set­tle down and ac­cept that he had outwitted her and that she didn’t win,” laughs Buhle.


The dark cloud she’s set over KK fol­lows him to work on Mon­day 7 Novem­ber when Ndalamo (Les­ley Musina) gives KK a dress­ing down about the dam­age his rep­u­ta­tion is do­ing to the com­pany im­age. “If Ndalamo can be­lieve it, then she has won,” says Buhle. “Ndalamo, a per­son who knows her de­cep­tion who knows what she’s ca­pa­ble of, still feels that she’s gen­uinely in pain and that KK is gen­uinely abus­ing her. So for her that’s the cherry on top!”

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