The cho­sen one

Who will sur­vive Chief Azwin­dini’s tough de­ci­sion: his wife Su­san or their un­born baby?

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Azwin­dini and Su­san have a bond that can’t be bro­ken… even by a mat­ter this se­ri­ous. Week­days SABC2 (*192) 21:00

Preg­nant royal wife Su­san (Mahumela Mahuwa) is on her deathbed on Tues­day 20 De­cem­ber. Ac­cord­ing to the prophecy, her time is near and her doc­tors are at a loss as what to do. But there is a choice: save her­self… or give birth to the healthy baby boy that her hus­band Chief Azwin­dini (Gabriel Te­mudzani) is des­per­ate to have and give up her life. “Su­san’s de­ci­sion is to pro­tect the fam­ily and die for her hus­band,” ex­plains Mahumela. But Azwin­dini is re­fus­ing to watch his wife slip away.


On Wed­nes­day 21 De­cem­ber, Thathe’s chief pan­ics about his favourite wife be­cause the last thing he wants is to lose Su­san. “He doesn’t know what to ex­pect,” ex­plains Mahumela. “He’s ner­vous and the thought of los­ing a loved one, es­pe­cially the ma­tri­arch of the royal house, is a big is­sue for him.” Rat­tled, Chief Azwin­dini turns to his tra­di­tional healer and right-hand man Mulim­isi (Hum­bu­lani Tsha­rani) for help later on Wed­nes­day 21 De­cem­ber, hop­ing for guid­ance from their an­ces­tors. “The chief doesn’t know how to han­dle the sit­u­a­tion and he asks for an­ces­tral guid­ance,” says Mahumela. “The chief’s big­gest worry is not know­ing just how much time he has to save Su­san.”


Mulim­isi gets a break­through on Wed­nes­day 21 De­cem­ber and he’s guided to­wards an ob­ject that could save Su­san’s life as well as see Azwin­dini get his heir. Mulim­isi hands his chief a charmed neck­lace that he be­lieves will give Su­san the strength she needs to sur­vive. “What Su­san is go­ing through right now is a mind sick­ness. She is emo­tional and in a way she has al­ready given up. She is ready to face her death but Azwin­dini thinks and hopes the neck­lace will give her the strength she needs,” Mahumela re­veals. On Thurs­day 22 De­cem­ber, Azwin­dini takes the neck­lace and rushes to his wife’s bed­side, pray­ing that it’s not too late to save her.


A des­per­ate Azwin­dini drapes the neck­lace over ail­ing Su­san later on Thurs­day 22 De­cem­ber and he prays that Mulim­isi was right. “The neck­lace does have heal­ing prop­er­ties, but it is car­ry­ing,” says Mahumela. While we can’t say what hap­pens to the baby (we’ve been sworn to royal se­crecy), we can say that there is go­ing to be a bit­ter-sweet mo­ment for Su­san and Azwin­dini on Fri­day 23 De­cem­ber. The neck­lace’s charmed prop­er­ties help Su­san feel stronger and able to move her body again. She’s much bet­ter and the doc­tors dis­charge her from hospi­tal later that day, but Mahumela re­veals that it’s not all good news…

“It’s a time for the royal house to heal and process what has hap­pened,” says the ac­tress. Azwin­dini is pleased with his de­ci­sion, that Su­san is safe and Mahumela adds that “Su­san has given her hus­band her bless­ings to take an­other wife, to try for an­other child.” And it seems that Mpho (Azwimm­bavhi Ramm­buda) fits that bill…

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