Killer kid

Max has been a night­mare stepchild but things get even worse when he trips Abby down the stairs.

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Ben “Stitch” Ray­burn’s (Sean Car­ri­gan) young son Max (Jared Breeze) has been a sulky, whiny pain in the neck ever since he saw his mother Jenna (Stephanie Lemelin) die in a car crash dur­ing a heated phone con­ver­sa­tion with his dad’s new wife Abby (Melissa Ordway). At first, we couldn’t blame him for be­ing so an­gry. He was forced to move in with Stitch and Abby on Thurs­day 15 Septem­ber this year while he was still strug­gling to deal with the loss and lash­ing out to blame Abby was a nat­u­ral re­ac­tion. But his con­stant act­ing out is about to cross the line from mal­ice into mur­der…


Max’s horrible be­hav­iour has slowly been es­ca­lat­ing. He ran away from home on Mon­day 19 Septem­ber and was so thor­oughly nasty to Abby that she moved out un­til Stitch en­rolled him in school on Wed­nes­day 26 Oc­to­ber. But his fan­tasies about push­ing Abby down the stairs after Stitch told him about the preg­nancy on Mon­day 31 Oc­to­ber were a red flag. And on Tues­day 15 Novem­ber, Max was taken into cus­tody by so­cial ser­vices after falsely ac­cus­ing Stitch of be­ing ver­bally abu­sive. “Max re­ally seems to play peo­ple as he needs them,” ex­plains Jared.


It’s sur­pris­ing and sus­pi­cious when Max sug­gests throw­ing a baby shower for Abby on Fri­day 23 De­cem­ber. But Max shows his true colours on Thurs­day 29 De­cem­ber when he strings fish­ing line across the stair­case at the Ath­letic Club dur­ing the party, send­ing preg­nant Abby tum­bling down. And while Abby is rushed to hospi­tal where she will lose the baby, Max calmly gets rid of the ev­i­dence and goes off to watch TV. There’s some­thing so chill­ing about a killer child. Even ruth­less Vic­tor New­man (Eric Brae­den) would be shocked!

Max may look in­no­cent… …but this is his hand­i­work: Abby suf­fers a mis­car­riage.

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