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Benny has his hands full in the sea­son fi­nale. Sea­son 4 SABC3 (*193) 21:00 Drama

After a sea­son play­ing dan­ger­ous catand-mouse games in Hard Copy (2005cur­rent), The Bulletin’s edi­tor Benny Ja­cobs (Jodie Abra­hams) will be fight­ing off ac­cu­sa­tions in the fi­nale tonight that he’s the se­rial killer known as The Reader. Hard Copy’s writer-di­rec­tor Tim Greene gives some in­sight into Benny’s tricky strug­gle with the truth…

Why does this sea­son hinge on a se­rial killer? I wanted to paint a por­trait of a se­rial killer who per­ceived him­self as a vic­tim. When the true rea­son for his killings are re­vealed, the au­di­ence will be­gin to un­der­stand why he did what he did. I also wanted a character who could be tied to the pa­per so that the archive of old print pa­pers be­comes a piece of the puz­zle. Was there a real-life in­spi­ra­tion for the story? His mo­ti­va­tion does go di­rectly back to a very spe­cific chap­ter of South African his­tory that has been largely swept un­der the car­pet. Why do the cops ac­cuse Benny of be­ing the killer? Benny is play­ing a dan­ger­ous game when he re-cre­ates the se­rial killer’s mes­sage. The killer’s psy­che pro­file matches Benny’s character type to a tee. How does Benny’s ca­reer de­fend­ing the truth tie into this? When the killer re­veals him­self, he makes no bones about what he’s done, so Benny doesn’t have to con­vince any­one it’s not him. But Benny will dis­cover the mas­sive re­spon­si­bil­ity that comes with pub­lish­ing a pa­per and right­ing wrongs that the pa­per’s made. What do you think of the term “post truth”– the ob­ser­va­tion the emo­tional weight of an a state­ment can be used to make au­di­ences ig­nore whether or not it has any ba­sis in fact? I am ut­terly ter­ri­fied by it. We’re liv­ing in an age where facts and opin­ion seem to re­ceive equal weight­ing. I have no idea how we’re go­ing to fix it.

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