App trapped!

Katie doesn’t need to fol­low Bill and Brooke – she just uses her cell­phone and a nifty lit­tle app.

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Scared that your sis­ter is out to snatch your man? Don’t go look­ing for a pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor to fol­low them around all day – this isn’t the 1940s. Just take out your phone like Katie Lo­gan-Spencer (Heather Tom) does on Thurs­day 16 March to track Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) sneak­ing around in real-time with Katie’s hus­band Bill (Don Di­a­mont).


Katie isn’t ex­actly be­ing para­noid be­cause Bill tells her that he’s leav­ing the of­fice for a meet­ing on Thurs­day – one that his ef­fi­cient sec­re­tary Ali­son (Theodora Greece) doesn’t have on his day plan­ner. And on Fri­day 17 March, an irate Katie tells Bill’s son Wy­att (Darin Brooks) that while his dad al­ways keeps his phone locked up tight be­cause he en­joys his se­crets, her sis­ter is a lot more, shall we say “loose”, with her phone. And where could Brooke be? Katie mat­ter- of-factly tells Wy­att, “I know where your fa­ther is. He’s at home. With my sis­ter.” And Katie watches as Brooke stays at her house with Bill, then she asks Wy­att, “Is there an app that would tell me what room they’re in?” Since tech­nol­ogy doesn’t stretch that far, Katie hops in a car and races home, where she walks in on Bill and Brooke hav­ing a top-se­cret dis­cus­sion about Katie’s prob­lems with al­co­hol.


True to form, Bill in­stantly goes on the of­fen­sive, ac­cus­ing Katie of sneak­ing in the back door so that she can spy on him. As Katie points out though, it’s her house, she lives there and can use any door the likes. And when Bill tells her that he wouldn’t bring his mistress in their fam­ily home, Katie agrees… but she notes that Brooke would have no such scru­ples. And Brooke had bet­ter look out, be­cause Katie won’t just be hand­ing Bill over to her. Isn’t it won­der­ful how tech­nol­ogy is bring­ing fam­i­lies to­gether?

Move over, Big Brother – cu­ri­ous Katie’s keep­ing an eye on her hubby and sis­ter.

Caught out by an app – Bill and Brooke will have to try harder.

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