20 – 24 MARCH

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Sasha keeps up ap­pear­ances while plot­ting against Clau­dia, and Tom­mie re­ceives a nasty sur­prise. Lorette in­volves the Bekkers in her project, while Fes­tus and Koekie get good news about Bella and the com­pe­ti­tion. Reitz moves into his new place, and Re­nate’s plan for Si­mon’s in­ter­view is over the top. Blitz is caught of­f­guard by the coaches’ de­ci­sion, and Bibi and Maryke face off once again. Maryke makes a costly mis­take, Blitz isn’t happy with a de­ci­sion, and Ger­ald and Laeti­tia pre­pare for the next phase of their plan. Sasha’s plan takes shape, Re­nate em­bar­rasses Si­mon, and it seems that Bibi and Maryke have reached an agree­ment.

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