Azwin­dini re­fuses to part with his sa­cred land but KK has a cou­ple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve.

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Chief Azwin­dini (Gabriel Te­mudzani) is tra­di­tional through and through and the Thathe ruler be­lieves that one day his chil­dren will in­herit ev­ery­thing of his. That in­cludes things that he’s built, like prop­er­ties and busi­nesses, and his spir­i­tual de­vo­tion to the an­ces­tors. Some­thing he didn’t count on though was his busi­ness ri­val KK (Mac­Don­ald Ndou) go­ing be­hind his back to buy an im­por-tant piece of land on Fri­day 17 March.


As Gabriel ex­plains, his char­ac­ter “is strongly con­nected to the an­ces­tors. KK has shown up and he’s af­ter these sa­cred lands that are owned by the royal Muk­w­evho fam­ily. He’s a busi­ness­man and wants to build a hol­i­day re­sort on the grounds”. There’s no way that Azwin­dini is go­ing to al­low any­one, least of all KK, dis­rupt or dam­age the land and po­ten­tially up­set the an­ces­tors. Know­ing that, KK asks a younger Muk­w­evho fam­ily mem­ber to sell him sec­tions of the land on Fri­day 17 March. “These younger Muk­w­evho fam­ily mem­bers who no longer live in Thathe are city kids,” says Gabriel. “They are ed­u­cated and no longer sub­scribe to tra­di­tional be­liefs, so to them these lands aren’t sa­cred. KK is able to twist these fam­ily mem­bers’ arms and get what he wants by buy­ing them off. That would never hap­pen with Azwin­dini be­cause the chief be­lieves in su­per­sti­tions and re­spect­ing the an­ces­tors at all costs.”


Ac­cord­ing to Azwin­dini’s witch­doc­tor Mulim­isi (Hum­bu­lani Tsha­rani), if KK in­ter­feres with the sa­cred land, there will be trouble from the an­ces­tors. The shrewd busi­ness­man has no in­ter­est in the mambo jumbo that Azwin­dini and his san­goma are talk­ing about, but he should’ve taken a mo­ment to con­sider that the warn­ings are real, be­cause strange things start hap­pen­ing around KK on Mon­day 20 March.

“KK feels like he’s los­ing his mind be­cause he sees owls dy­ing, which isn’t a good omen and then he be­comes tem­po­rar­ily blind,” says Gabriel. The next day, on Tues­day 21 March, KK ac­cuses Azwin­dini of witch­craft, claim­ing that the chief is be­hind the dark events go­ing on with KK. Gabriel adds that “KK is a busi­ness­man at the end of the day and he will use ev­ery trick in the book to get what he wants. His first re­ac­tion is to blame Azwin­dini but KK, who comes from a tra­di­tional be­lief sys­tem him­self, knows that this is ac­tu­ally the warn­ing from the an­ces­tors like Mulim­isi fore­told.”


Azwin­dini de­cides to put an end to KK’s non­sense ac­cu­sa­tions on Wed­nes­day 22 March by hav­ing the police ar­rest him. Lucky for KK though, Azwin­dini has a change of heart and lets him go, as Gabriel ex­plains. “KK and Azwin­dini have a his­tory of bad blood. They can’t get along but Azwin­dini takes pity on KK and lets him go, know­ing well that the an­ces­tors and spir­its will take care of pro­tect­ing the sa­cred lands.”

Azwin­dini is ready for a fight when KK bursts in.

KK ac­cuses his en­emy of dark magic to stop his busi­ness deal with the sa­cred land.

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