Siseko and Neo will make a meal of Romeo if he doesn’t dodge their teeth.

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Liv­ing at The New­to­nian is get­ting a lit­tle… un­com­fort­able for charm­ing conman Romeo (Hun­gani Ndlovu). On the plus side, it’s handy for work: there’s gen­er­ally a rich guest around who can cough up the cash for his “spe­cial­ity” com­puter ser­vices. But on the down side, some­times close to work can be too close. On Mon­day 14 March, Romeo was knocked back af­ter he went a lit­tle too far with dan­ger­ous ex- con Neo Mokheti (Jerry Mofokeng). But Romeo’s in for a shock when he sounds out his other con­tact Siseko Langa (Hlomla Dan­dala) to see if he can play them off against one another on Wed­nes­day 15 March…


“It’s very un­pre­dictable,” says Hun­gani. “It feels like he’s al­ways on his toes with what’s go­ing to hap­pen. Hence, Romeo is play­ing both cards with Siseko and

Neo.” In Romeo’s ideal sce­nario, he’d get back his stake in The New­to­nian from Neo. “Once he gets that, what­ever hap­pens with Neo – whether he dies or goes to jail for a life sen­tence, whether he just dis­ap­pears – that’s to­tally fine. And the most vi­able route for Romeo is to get the cops to find out some­thing about Neo.” Who bet­ter to get rid of the ex-drug lord than a lawyer with an im­pec­ca­ble pub­lic im­age? Bet­ter yet, it’s an im­age that could be tar­nished, if Romeo let slip a truth or two.


But Romeo might find him­self with­out any cards in hand when Siseko seems to suf­fer a cri­sis of con­science about the way that he (with Romeo’s help, thank you) framed his se­cret love Yvonne’s (Kgo­motso Christo­pher) fi­ancé Da­mon (Craig Ur­bani) and set the cops on him at their wed­ding on Thurs­day 9 Fe­bru­ary. “That’s a to­tal throw be­cause that is nowhere close to their plan,” says Hun­gani. “Maybe Siseko’s bad side isn’t as bad as Romeo had thought. So maybe now he needs to cor­rect things and sort it out be­fore things get too bad, be­cause if Siseko does go to the police, it’s the end of Romeo’s life.”


Romeo’s go­ing to need to fi­nesse this now to fool Neo into think­ing that he still has Romeo in his pocket on Fri­day 17 March. “I think the worst thing that Romeo is scared of is be­ing on the wrong side of Neo, be­cause that could mean the end of his life or the end of his mother’s life,” says Hun­gani. “That’s as ex­treme as it can get. So that’s why Romeo presses a few but­tons with Neo, just to see how far he can go. That’s why he keeps try­ing to con­vince Neo that he’s on the same side as him, by giv­ing him lit­tle bits of gos­sip about Siseko.”

But an al­liance with Neo isn’t as a vi­able long-term plan. Not when Romeo is so com­fort­able hid­ing in the shad­ows, while Neo is the sort of guy who hires as­sas­sins and pulls out a gun at a pub­lic wed­ding. “Ob­vi­ously that just shows him that Neo truly and hon­estly hasn’t changed one bit,” says Hun­gani. “It just con­firms his sus­pi­cions: Neo isn’t the good guy that he claims to be. There’s no pos­i­tive thought that comes from any­thing about Neo from Romeo’s side.” At some point, Neo is go­ing to have to go. And whose name keeps com­ing up in Romeo’s mess? Yvonne. “You know when you’re eat­ing at a restaurant and there’s a fly that you can’t get rid of? It just doesn’t go. She’s that per­son,” jokes Hun­gani.

When Romeo (right) re­alises that Siseko won’t let him play Siseko off against Neo…

…he’s forced to try his luck with the big bad wolf him­self.

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