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Ren­dani turns down a pro­posal for her hand in mar­riage.

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Young royal princess Ren­dani (In­no­cen­tia Makapila) fell in love with poor or­phan boy Lwazi (Luzuko Nteleko) in 2016 and she later learnt shock­ing news about her love in­ter­est: Lwazi was born HIV pos­i­tive and she had to deal with the stigma around HIV-pos­i­tive part­ners. De­spite her fam­ily’s dis­ap­proval, Ren­dani and Lwazi kept their re­la­tion­ship go­ing and while Lwazi’s been in Mali for busi­ness, he sur­prises his girl with a visit on Mon­day 3 April. But it’s no quick “hello”…


“Lwazi pro­poses to Ren­dani [on Mon­day 3 April] and then asks her to move to Mali with him,” In­no­cen­tia ex­plains. “But Ren­dani finds her­self be­tween a rock and a hard place be­cause Lwazi’s pro­posal comes at bad tim­ing.” The rea­son for the tim­ing is im­por­tant be­cause Ren­dani has a large cul­tural role to ful­fil in Thathe. As the younger princess, she has to re­place the pre­vi­ous princess Tshi­a­neo (Mu­lalo Mu­dau) who died in Fe­bru­ary 2017. Ex­plains In­no­cen­tia, “She must take Tshi­a­neo’s place as the cul­tural ad­vi­sor in the king­dom and that means she at­tends events with Chief Azwin­dini (Gabriel Te­mudzani) and con­sults on cul­tural mat­ters with him.” Mean­while, Lwazi is dev­as­tated be­cause Ren­dani has turned down his pro­posal de­spite their love.


On Tues­day 4 April, Lwazi re­fuses to be let down by his girl­friend and he con­tin­ues to press her. “Lwazi keeps say­ing to Ren­dani that if she truly loves him, then she would marry him and sup­port his ca­reer move to Mali but what Lwazi doesn’t un­der­stand is that he is mak­ing her choose be­tween him and her fam­ily,” says In­no­cen­tia. Not only does Ren­dani have cul­tural obli­ga­tions, she’s also com­pleted her stud­ies and is en­ter­ing the work­force – she’s now work­ing at the fam­ily’s con­struc­tion busi­ness MMC. In­no­cen­tia adds that “Ren­dani is con­flicted about ev­ery­thing and be­comes mis­er­able. Her fam­ily is against Lwazi and will never for­give her if she mar­ries him.”


The per­son who de­tests Lwazi most is Ren­dani’s older brother Ndalamo (Les­ley Musina). “He never liked Lwazi and didn’t ac­cept him into the fam­ily. Ndalamo acts like a big bully when­ever Lwazi is around,” says In­no­cen­tia. On Thurs­day 6 April, the men butt heads and ex­change words. “Ndalamo con­fronts Lwazi and tells him that he must let Ren­dani blos­som in her life,” says the ac­tress. “Lwazi is shat­tered be­cause he would never want to hold Ren­dani back from be­ing suc­cess­ful in life.” On Mon­day 10 April, Ren­dani is wor­ried that this may be the end of her re­la­tion­ship be­cause of the strain be­tween her and Lwazi. “Their re­la­tion­ship suf­fers and it seems that Ren­dani has a higher pur­pose – such as chief ad­vi­sor – that she needs to ful­fil. How­ever, only time will tell if the cou­ple will go their own ways for­ever,” teases In­no­cen­tia.

Lwazi wants his girl­friend Ren­dani to leave Thathe and be­come his wife.

Lwazi sur­prises Ren­dani when he knocks on her door.

Ren­dani’s brother Ndalamo puts a stop to Lwazi’s ac­tions.

Ren­dani isn’t sure about mar­ry­ing Lwazi.

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