Kidnap cri­sis for Nol­wazi

Thabiso’s got Nol­wazi where he wants her: at knife-edge.

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The time has ar­rived for ex- con­vict Thabiso (Matli Mo­hapeloa) to roll out his re­venge plan against his for­mer lawyer Fana (Dumi Mn­qobi) af­ter he was left to serve his rape sen­tence in pri­son years ear­lier. Thabiso took Fana’s girl­friend Nol­wazi (Thando Tha­bethe) hostage on Tues­day 21 March and “the tor­ment­ing has just be­gun. Thabiso won’t stop un­til Fana feels as low as Thabiso did while he was in pri­son,” ex­plains Matli. Ever aware that he could be dis­cov­ered at any mo­ment, on Mon­day 3 April Thabiso plots to move his hostage un­der­ground where no one will think to look for her. “Nol­wazi is ter­ri­fied and thinks that she is about to die,” says Matli. But that’s the last thing on Thabiso’s mind – he needs her alive to ruin Fana’s life.


Nol­wazi goes on a hunger strike that same day to force her cap­tor’s hand, says Thando. “She wants this tor­ture to end. She threat­ens to starve her­self if he won’t kill her.” This merely annoys Thabiso, who then locks Nol­wazi in a box on Tues­day 4 April. “She is buried alive and she knows that it’s about to get worse. All that’s left is to hope that some­one saves her be­fore it’s too late,” ex­plains Thando. Thabiso’s a master of pain and he tor­tures her men­tally on Thursday 6 April when he cuts off her air sup­ply long enough to make her panic. Thando adds that “this is when Nol­wazi re­alises that she is liv­ing on bor­rowed time – it could be just hours be­fore she runs out of air”.


Fana is pan­ick­ing as much as his miss­ing girl­friend and by Fri­day 7 April he’s out of ideas on where to look next for Nol­wazi. “Thabiso mean­while slides a cam­era into the box hold­ing Nol­wazi; he wants to watch her suf­fer,” ex­plains Matli. Fana’s com­puter ex­pert sis­ter Namhla (Thulisile Phon­golo) finds the cam­era sig­nal on­line on Mon­day 10 April and she hacks in – she and Fana can see Nol­wazi’s face and Matli adds that “Fana is tor­tured to see his love in pain. He’ll do any­thing to find her”. Namhla starts trac­ing the cam­era but as Matli teases, “A lot of bad things could hap­pen be­fore Fana shows up…”

Be­ing locked in a tiny box is part of the tor­ture. Nol­wazi thinks that Thabiso is go­ing to kill her.

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