3 – 7 APRIL

TV Plus (South Africa) - - SCANDAL! -

Neo as­signs Yvonne a new job in his pri­vate poker games but her first client gets the wrong end of the stick, and Yvonne later pro­poses a dar­ing plan to Neo’s for­mer client Phillip. Scelo and Lerumo’s fu­tures are on the line thanks to Quin­ton’s jaw-drop­ping an­nounce­ment for the staff at NFH, while Quin­ton re­fuses to al­low a valu­able mem­ber of staff to re­sign. A last­minute deal could turn things around at NFH, and an ac­tivist named Com­rade Four Seven comes to NV with a story they want told. Din­tle mean­while finds a rea­son to claim Un­cle Fred­die as real fam­ily and de­cides to give him a home.

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