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Taken (2017- cur­rent) is the pre­quel series to Liam Nee­son’s movies of the same name (2008-2014) about CIA agent Bryan Mills, now played by Clive Standen – Rollo in drama show Vik­ings (2011- cur­rent)

1 Bryan’s sis­ter Cali

(Ce­leste Des­jardins) was mur­dered in episode 1 (9 March) by ter­ror­ists.

2 Cali was shot dead

as pay­back for Bryan killing the son of druglord Car­los Me­jia (Ro­mano Orzari). Bryan also learnt in episode 1 that the agent he saved on his mis­sion was ac­tu­ally a dou­ble agent.

3 Bryan joined an elite

crime-fight­ing team in episode 2 (16 March) but was left at home for a mis­sion be­cause he was un­sta­ble and griev­ing Cali.

4 Bryan found Car­los’s

where­abouts at the end of episode 2, swear­ing to avenge his sis­ter’s death.

5 In episode 5 (6 April),

Bryan didn’t know that Car­los’s hit­men were watch­ing him and Cali’s friend Asha (Brook­lyn Su­dano). NB! See p45.

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