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Be­tween putting on my make-up and try­ing to look vaguely rep­re­sentable early in the morn­ing in an Über on my way to work (due to spe­cial cir­cum­stances), the driver got me talk­ing about TV. It’s a con­stant bat­tle for the re­mote, he said. He loves Rhythm City, his wife prefers Uzalo and the kids want Skeem Saam. It’s just Gen­er­a­tions, he went on. Since it re­booted, it’s like he can’t get back into it. I think I per­suaded him af­ter I told him about the Mazwi/Nol­wazi-saga (p16) com­ing up. But then the chat took an in­ter­est­ing turn and we spoke about how lucky we are to have so many soaps rep­re­sent­ing so many cul­tures and sec­tors – from taxi ri­valry, to a gym set­ting and a more cul­tural and an­ces­tral be­lief sys­tem. It’s true – I’ve learnt a lot from watch­ing TV. And from read­ing tv­plus. And with the coun­try in tur­moil, how lucky are we to still have this one thing that binds us. Viva TV! (And thanks Si­fiso, my Über­driver)

Mazwi and Nol­wazi are turn­ing up the Gen­er­a­tions tem­per­a­tures.

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