Tau and Zitha are tak­ing busi­ness to the bed­room.

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Where does Gen­er­a­tions – The Le­gacy get Smanga’s suits? – VUSI, VIA FACE­BOOK Natalie Lun­don, the soap’s cos­tume de­signer, says that “most of Smanga’s (Moopi Mothe­beli) suits are de­signed by my­self. His look is in­spired by the new ‘young ex­ec­u­tive street-style’ look,” adding, “It’s on par with the con­tem­po­rary life that young ex­ec­u­tives lead”.

Zitha (Zoe Mthiyane) is still get­ting used to life in the cor­po­rate world, but she’s got the per­fect guide: shrewd-and-shady busi­ness­man Tau Mo­gale (Ra­pu­lana Seiphemo)… who just hap­pens to be sin­gle and ready to min­gle fol­low­ing his di­vorce from Karabo (Con­nie Fer­gu­son) in Jan­uary 2017. But while Tau is smit­ten with the young beauty, “She’s caught com­pletely of­f­guard,” laughs Zoe. Tau tries to kiss her on Thurs­day 27 April but in­stead of a smooch, “She ducks out the way,” says Zoe. While Zitha’s sur­prise is gen­uine, Tau thinks that she’s merely play­ing hard to get and he’s not tak­ing no for an an­swer – he’ll try, try, try again un­til he wins over his maiden.


Tau’s mar­ket­ing skills come in handy on Tues­day 2 May when he per­suades Zitha to work on her busi­ness pro­posal in his home of­fice. “This time Zitha goes along with it,” Zoe ex­plains. “First and fore­most, she ad­mires Tau’s busi­ness abil­i­ties. She is ex­cited to work with him and thinks that she’s found some­thing spe­cial with some­one who gets her – but there’s also some at­trac­tion…”

That doesn’t mean Zitha’s hop­ping into bed with Tau though – she can’t af­ford to let him find out who she is and what she’s re­ally do­ing – Zitha is in­ves­ti­gat­ing her dad Zola’s (Mu­todi Neshehe) mur­der af­ter he mar­ried Karabo in mid2016… while she was still mar­ried to Tau. “Zitha can’t al­low her­self to fall too hard for Tau, as her true iden­tity could be re­vealed in the process,” Zoe ex­plains. “She doesn’t want him to know her link to Zola.”


Their bud­ding re­la­tion­ship comes in handy where Zitha and Tau’s con­trol­ling busi­ness part­ner Jack Mabaso (Vusi Kunene) is con­cerned as the pair want to take over the JM Eco City build­ing project and kick Jack out. “Jack has been try­ing to ruin Zitha’s ca­reer and she likes that Tau holds his own with Jack and doesn’t back down,” Zoe says. Hunt­ing in a pack, the new power cou­ple try to sway Jack’s al­lies to their side and fol­low­ing Tau’s un­suc­cess­ful at­tempts on Fri­day 5 May, Zitha uses her charms on Mon­day 8 May. “And it works!” Zoe smirks. “In the process, she also gains in­valu­able in­for­ma­tion that they can use against Jack.”


Zitha’s comfy enough for some public dis­plays of af­fec­tion to­wards Tau on Tues­day 9 May, but his nephew and right-hand-man, Smanga (Moopi Mothe­beli) isn’t a fan of this new ro­mance. Turns out he’s crush­ing on Zitha, “But she has no in­ter­est in him,” says Zoe. “And she’s also com­pletely un­aware of Smanga’s at­trac-tion. Zitha is too fo­cused on work when she’s with Tau.” There’s an­other rea­son why Smanga doesn’t ap­prove of the cou­ple get­ting any closer: he feels that Zitha has now taken his spot in the fam­ily busi­ness. All of a sud­den, she is Tau’s go-to con­fi­dante, while he’s be­ing forced to take a back­seat.

Smanga al­ways looks sharp.

It takes a lit­tle con­vinc­ing but soon enough Zitha is lock­ing lips with Tau.

Smanga’s not pleased about Tau and Zitha.

The pair are team­ing up against Jack.

Zitha’s dead dad Zola.

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