Mama’s got a gun

MaNg­cobo turns li­on­ess to rip chunks off nasty pimp Amos for de­stroy­ing her daugh­ter Nosipho.

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MaNg­cobo (Dawn Than­deka King) has lost so much. Even her daugh­ter Nosipho (Nom­pilo Ma­phu­mulo) seems to be slip­ping through her fin­gers as she falls deeper into her pimp boyfriend Amos’s (Ernest Msibi) clutches. “Lindiwe knew that Nosipho was in some­thing deep and dark but she didn’t know the ex­tent of the abuse,” says Dawn. “She didn’t know that Amos said that if Nosipho left, he’d kill her mother. MaNg­cobo only knows what she came across when she tried to bring her daugh­ter home. The first time was when Nosipho was on the street as a pros­ti­tute on Fri­day 14 April and the sec­ond was on Wednes-day 19 April when Nosipho was high on drugs.” Nosipho’s seem­ing in­dif­fer­ence cut MaNg­cobo deeply, but af­ter she lands in hospi­tal af­ter a desperate es­cape plan on Wed­nes­day 26 April, Mama grabs her gun. It’s time Amos learnt his les­son … again.


MaNg­cobo is sim­mer­ing with rage while she’s at the hospi­tal wait­ing for Nosipho to pull through on Fri­day 28 April and Mon­day 1 May. On Tues­day 2 May she dis­cretely sets hench­man DK (Sonto Ma­phu­mulo) to check on Amos’s where­abouts and then it’s time to take care of busi­ness. “She puts the gun in her bag and she goes. You see the vil­lain come back. She’s not go­ing to in­volve the law, she’s go­ing to take it up on her own. It in­fu­ri­ates her to that point. MaNg­cobo and Nosipho have said a lot of ugly things to each other, but now Mama be­comes the Mother Bear,” says Dawn.


Amos didn’t learn his les­son the first time when fu­ri­ous fa­ther Detective Dhlomo (Don Mlan­geni Nawa) shot him in the chest in Oc­to­ber 2016 for pimp­ing his daugh­ter Sibahle (Lon­deka Mlaba). Maybe it’ll take MaNg­cobo to re­ally drive the point home – with a bul­let-point pre­sen­ta­tion. When MaNg­cobo walks in on Amos pack­ing to leave, he in no way takes her as a se­ri­ous threat. Big mis­take. “Amos doesn’t have back­ground of who Lindiwe is and that Lindiwe can go that far. So she shoots him. She shoots the first knee – and that’s when re­al­ity sinks in for Amos – and then she shoots his other knee. She doesn’t want to kill him. She wants him to learn a les­son and never to do what he did to her daugh­ter ever again to any­body else”.


“That par­tic­u­lar scene was quite em­pow­er­ing, when you fi­nally meet the en­emy,” re­veals Dawn. “Nosipho is dam­aged men­tally, phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally. And no mother wants to see her baby hurt. That’s the only child she has now. Mx­olisi (Nay Maps Mapha­lala) lives with his bi­o­log­i­cal mother and Ayanda (Kay Sibiya) has left. MaNg­cobo hurts in many ways now and she takes it out on those two shots that she fires at Amos. And I think any mother, any woman, would iden­tify with that.”


But Nosipho and MaNg­cobo’s bat­tle doesn’t end with those two gun­shots. Af­ter Nosipho re­turns home on Thurs­day 4 May, it’s go­ing to be a long-haul jour­ney to re­cov­ery. Their heal­ing heart-to-heart on Tues­day 9 May is a first step, but so much more is needed. “It takes time,” ex­plains Dawn. “When Nosipho fi­nally does open up, she is blam­ing her­self a lot – she could have cho­sen not to go with Amos or to leave him as soon as she found out what kind of man he was. She needs to get pro­fes­sional help in or­der to deal with what she’s gone through.” Dawn adds, “I would like to see this story con­tinue. We’ll get to help other women who’re maybe at a point where they blame them­selves for what they’ve done, that has not turned out okay.”

MaNg­cobo has Amos at her mercy, and she isn’t feel­ing mer­ci­ful.

Nkunzi com­forts MaNg­cobo at the hospi­tal.

Nosipho’s in se­ri­ous trouble.

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