1 – 5 MAY

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Sonny and Rafe threaten Nick, and EJ and Sami dis­cuss get­ting rid of Nick. Nick black­mails Sami into giv­ing Gabi a mod­el­ling job, Theresa steals Brady’s wal­let while he’s sleep­ing, and Jor­dan tells her es­tranged brother Ben that she’s leav­ing Salem. John Black re­turns to Salem, gives Hope and up­set­ting let­ter and tells her that Bo won’t be com­ing home for an­other year. Hope and Ai­den’s ban­ter at the PTA bake sale turns flirty, and Liam calls Jen­nifer nasty names when she dumps him to go back to Daniel. Ste­fano gives Mar­lena ground rules be­fore putting her in touch with Dr Chyka, and Nicole ad­mits to Daniel that she’s de­stroyed some ev­i­dence.

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