Shot to the heart

MaNg­cobo’s hero­ism has MaNzuza see­ing her with new eyes.

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Fans are go­ing to want to make dou­bly sure to tune in on Tues­day 16 May as gun­fire rings out again in the KwaMashu King­dom Church. Mas­ter­mind (Ntokozo Dlamini) and Mx­olisi’s (Nay Maps Mapha­lala) plot to pro­voke Sbu (Sim­phiwe Ma­jozi) into tak­ing out church bene­fac­tor and se­cret ATM-bomb­ing crimelord Nkunzi (Mh­longo Ma­soja Msiza) back­fires as the deadly hench­man in­ter­rupts the ser­vice to open fire. And Mx­olisi’s mother MaNg­cobo (Dawn Than­deka King) flings her­self in front of his bi­o­log­i­cal mother MaNzuza (Leleti Khu­malo) to pro­tect her!


Dawn ex­plains that MaNg­cobo doesn’t even have to think twice about tak­ing a bul­let for her for­mer ri­val. “In that mo­ment, it’s about pro­tect­ing an­other woman from a crazy man driven by greed. It’s about pro­tect­ing an­other hu­man. She lit­er­ally doesn’t think. She jumps in front of MaNzuza and be­fore she can think about it, she’s shot.” And if she did take time to think, she’d still take the leap, says Dawn. “She’s in­vol-

ved. It’s her fi­ancé Nkunzi who has brought this crime into the church. This whole thing is hap­pen­ing be­cause of the man who’s in her life. He is in church very quickly and he is do­nat­ing money very quickly and he is con­fus­ing peo­ple very quickly. So MaNg­cobo plays her part in try­ing to pro­tect the peo­ple from be­ing harmed by him.”


For MaNzuza though, the heroic mo­ment is a star­tling rev­e­la­tion. “That changes ev­ery­thing,” re­veals Leleti. “It makes her for­get all the bad things that MaNg­cobo did. It makes MaNzuza look at her in a dif­fer­ent way – MaNg­cobo isn’t a mean per­son. Maybe she acted the way she did be­cause she was in a chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tion. You look at things like that in a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive. You look much deeper.” It’s such a rev­e­la­tion that MaNzuza goes straight to the hospi­tal the same day. “She can’t even wait for MaNg­cobo to get bet­ter,” laughs Leleti. “She just has to say thank you so much!”


And in that mo­ment of grat­i­tude and un­der­stand­ing, MaNzuza and MaNg­cobo lay to rest all the pain that we’ve seen play out be­tween the pair over Uzalo’s shock­ing first two sea­sons. “When you sit down and you find out what ex­actly it is that doesn’t gel be­tween two women, you tend to find the whole truth about ev­ery­thing – maybe you’ve been mak­ing sto­ries in your mind that this per­son is like this. When you sit down and talk, ev­ery­thing changes. It’s al­ways im­por­tant, woman to woman, to have those kinds of talks,” adds Leleti.


With the ghosts be­tween them gone, Mx­olisi’s moms can move for­ward. But Dawn points out that MaNzuza can’t com­pletely let go of her wari­ness about MaNg­cobo’s in­flu­ence. Dawn ex­plains, “MaNg­cobo is tainted, so MaNzuza is just very scep­ti­cal of Mx­olisi com­ing back to the Xulu fam­ily, be­cause our fam­ily is al­ways dark.” Leleti adds that “in real life, things like this do hap­pen. We might be at peace right now, but MaNg­cobo might just do some­thing that will re­mind me, ‘Oh by the way, you mur­dered my son’. It’s only nor­mal. Hav­ing said that, we talk about it, we have move on, and we are okay with one an­other”.

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