Change of heart

Nandi’s af­fair is a wake-up for power-hun­gry crim­i­nal Jack.

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Jack Mabaso (Vusi Kunene) runs the streets of Joburg and any­one who’s ever crossed him has never lived to tell their tale of be­trayal. He’s out for blood on Wed­nes­day 10 May when his wife Nandi (Brenda Mh­longo) tells him that she has feel­ings for his busi­ness ri­val Tau Mo­gale (Ra­pu­lana Seiphemo), who’s out to de­stroy Jack and take over his build­ing project JM Eco City at the same time. “Jack is tired and out of sorts,” ex­plains Vusi and he lashes out at a board meet­ing the next day on Thurs­day 11 May. “Jack punches Tau! He’s be­yond an­gry and he warns Tau to stay away from his wife,” ex­plains Vusi, adding that Jack’s busi­ness part­ners are shocked as they know to never get on his bad side.


Jack is will­ing to for­give Nandi but his wip­ing the slate clean on Mon­day 15 May comes with con­di­tions. Jack for­bids Nandi from ever meet­ing with Tau again or dis­cussing her busi­ness ideas with him. “Nandi is sur­prised that Jack is com­ing around, but she stands her ground and tells him to fight for their mar­riage,” says Vusi. She’s al­ways come sec­ond-best where Jack’s busi­ness is con­cerned and he’s never lived up to his prom­ise to be a bet­ter hus­band af­ter his af­fair with Tshidi (La­toya Makhene) that ended in Fe­bru­ary 2016. For the first time, Jack isn’t Nandi’s first pri­or­ity and she puts her feel­ing first. “Nandi tells Jack to trust her like she trusted him when he cheated on her and it wor­ries Jack to think that she’ll be okay with­out him,” ex­plains Vusi. Scared for the first time in his life, Jack seems pre­pared to change, not just for Nandi but for their kids Sphe and Fana (Pearl Monama and Duma Mqobi) too.


But while Jack tries his best to keep a smile on Nandi’s face by spend­ing time with her, there’s more drama when preg­nant Sphe col­lapses on Tues­day 16 May. Al­though Jack isn’t with his daugh­ter when she’s rushed to hospi­tal, it’s an­other wake up call for the shady busi­ness­man to spend more time with his fam­ily. “Like ev­ery­one, Jack is wor­ried about Sphe and the baby,” says Vusi. Jack’s been look­ing for­ward to be­com­ing a grand­fa­ther since he learnt about his daugh­ter’s preg­nancy in Au­gust 2016 and on Wed­nes­day 17 May, Jack prom­ises Nandi that he’ll try harder to be there for his fam­ily, es­pe­cially her.


The Maba­sos are anx­ious about Sphe’s com­pli­ca­tions on Mon­day 22 May and Jack tries to re­as­sure Nandi that he is a “changed man”. But you know what they say about a leop­ard chang­ing its spots – it doesn’t hap­pen. “Jack will al­ways be Jack,” teases Vusi. “He only says these things to ap­pease Nandi and keep her at his side.” Turns out bad-boy Jack is for­mu­lat­ing a re­venge scheme so nasty that no one will be ex­pect­ing it when he takes down Tau, who was about to rip his fam­ily into shreds.

Nandi’s got her hard-core hubby Jack wrapped around her fin­ger.

Tau takes a punch for his af­fair with Nandi.

Smanga (Moopi Moth­ibeli) catches preg­nant wife Sphe – her col­lapse helps “change” Jack.

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