Saved by An­zani

There’s no love lost be­tween An­zani and her fa­ther-in-law Neo – un­til it looks like a life will be taken.

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If Ndu (Andile Sithole) thinks he has in-law trou­ble with greedy, gos­sipy Glo­ria (Mar­jorie Langa), he should have a quiet word with An­zani (Fulu Mu­gov­hani). Her sin­is­ter fa­ther-in-law Neo (Jerry Mo­fo­keng Wa Makhetha) is a re­formed drug kingpin, jail­bird and crimelord. And wise An­zani isn’t so sure about that “re­formed” thing. “Every ef­fort that he makes doesn’t read to her as a gen­uine ef­fort or a kind ef­fort; it reads as if there’s ma­li­cious in­tent,” ex­plains Fulu. “She’s cer­tain that he wants some­thing in re­turn. Her hus­band Lerumo (Tshepo Mos­ese) tries to con­vince her that Neo just wants them to be a fam­ily, but her guard is still up at this point.” But for­mer princess An­zani was raised to do her duty – on Fri­day 12 May she’s in Neo’s hospi­tal room vis­it­ing like a good daugh­ter-in-law as Neo re­cov­ers from a heart at­tack. And when a life-or-death cri­sis strikes, watch An­zani step up…


An­zani lit­er­ally saves Neo’s life when he’s too weak to help him­self and she

doesn’t even have to think twice to do it. “When it hap­pens, she is rec­on­ciled with him,” says Fulu. “They hugged and she just came in to tell him, ‘I’ll give it a chance,” be­cause he al­most died. At that mo­ment (when death threat­ens Neo), be­cause of who An­zani is, her in­stinct is to pro­tect the peo­ple she loves. It’s stupid and care­less, but it shows her heart,” says Fulu. Neo shouldn’t gloat too much though. “It doesn’t have as much to do with Neo as it has to do with the kind of per­son she is. She’s a kind per­son and once she has for­given and made up her mind about some­thing, An­zani com­mits,” says Fulu.


An­zani’s hero­ism opens her hus­band and fa­ther-in-law’s eyes. “In Lerumo’s mind, it proves that she cares for his fa­ther. And it proves to Neo that she’s the real deal and he makes more ef­fort to be­come closer to them. And now An­zani’s in a state where she can re­turn that love.” But the two men are go­ing to re­act very dif­fer­ently to this proof of her af­fec­tion.


Neo is the kind of guy who’ll take an arm if you of­fer him a hand. “The next time they meet, Neo wants her to not get in the way of his re­la­tion­ship with his son. She re­alises that he’s be­com­ing a bit in­va­sive,” says Fulu. “As much as she’s warm­ing up to Neo, An­zani’s still wary of his busi­ness deals. She thinks, ‘We can be fam­ily but I’m not about to get into bed with you.’ She doesn’t want Lerumo to get burnt. An­zani doesn’t like that Lerumo’s fa­ther is tak­ing him away from her and Lerumo’s fa­ther doesn’t like that An­zani is tak­ing Lerumo away from him!” laughs Fulu. “We can’t share him!”


Mean­while, see­ing his wife put her­self in harm’s way to pro­tect his fa­ther alerts Lerumo to a prob­lem un­der his nose. “Lerumo is sur­prised and shocked that An­zani would do that for Neo,” says Fulu. “He’s scared for her life. He thinks, ‘Be­cause you’re close, I’m go­ing to swal­low my words. But this is not what I want. Be­ing close to my dad means you be­ing in dan­ger again.’ He’s like, ‘Okay, maybe this was not such a good idea. It’s go­ing to bring trou­ble for you again.’ And that’s when he starts say­ing things like, ‘You’re not safe be­ing around me,’ and she says, ‘No! I’m not safe around your fa­ther. Why are you mak­ing it about you?’” Uh oh! If Lerumo tries to push An­zani away again “for her own safety”, this time she might give him what he wants.

If it wasn’t for An­zani’s courage, Neo would be dead.

An­zani leaps to pro­tect Neo.

An­zani can’t be­lieve what she has done.

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