Elim­i­nate your en­emy first

Niki gets rid of Pu­leng and trou­ble­maker Themba to have her happy end­ing with Suf­fo­cate.

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Niki’s (Nolo Phiri) put all her en­ergy in try­ing to get rid of her preg­nant ex-sis­ter-wife Pu­leng (Tebogo Khalo) so that she can re­con­nect with her ex-hubby Suf­fo­cate (Mduduzi Mabaso). She’s even set a date to re­new their mar­riage vows, but they put a hold on the cel­e­bra­tion when they learn that Suffo’s crazy brother Themba (Sphamandla Dh­ludhlu) held Pu­leng cap­tive at a dodgy scrap yard on Wed­nes­day 10 May. Nolo ex­plains that “Niki is ter­ri­fied. This is her fault and she has to get to Themba be­fore he tells Pu­leng that he’s not the fa­ther of her un­born baby, but rather that Suffo is”. So Niki starts a se­cret search to find Themba with­out Suffo notic­ing.


Schem­ing Niki calls Themba and con- vinces him to tell them where he and Pu­leng are on Thurs­day 11 May. “Niki re­alises that her plan to get Themba to fall in love with Pu­leng was a mess. She’s ea­ger to fix it,” says Nolo, and on Fri­day 12 May, Niki ma­nip­u­lates Themba into send­ing her his lo­ca­tion. When he does, they get into a phys­i­cal fight and “Themba’s com­pletely lost his mind,” says Nolo. When he re­alises that Niki was us­ing him as a dis­trac­tion to keep Pu­leng away from Suffo, he tries to tell Pu­leng her baby’s pa­ter­nity but “Niki doesn’t let him ruin her life again. In­stead, she hits him too hard and he falls flat on the ground,” says Nolo. Niki is stress­ing when Themba doesn’t get up – he’s dead! She’s just killed her brother-in-law and Suffo isn’t go­ing to take that news well at all!


Niki’s good at think­ing on her toes and on Mon­day 15 May, she calls her busi­ness part­ner and dodgy gang­ster David (Jamie Bartlett) to help her get rid of the body. While David han­dles hid­ing dead Themba, Niki goes on a search for Pu­leng who’s min­utes from labour and she helps de­liver the baby. Suffo ar­rives to the scene min­utes later and they rush Pu­leng to hospi­tal. “Ev­ery­one thinks that Niki is the hero and that makes Suffo fall for her more,” adds Nolo, whose char­ac­ter isn’t cop­ing with the guilt of ru­in­ing Themba and Pu­leng’s lives for her own hap­pi­ness. “But Niki does bad things with thoughts of get­ting good re­sults. She re­grets killing Themba and she isn’t han­dling that mur­der well.” Nolo adds that ev­ery­one is obliv­i­ous to Niki’s be­hav­iour as they’re thrilled to have Pu­leng giv­ing birth to a healthy baby.


Niki is over­whelmed with cov­er­ing her tracks and pre­tend­ing that ev­ery­thing’s fine by Thurs­day 18 May, but her brother Bash (Siphiwe Mt­shali) doesn’t buy the act and con­fronts her with killing Themba. “No one knows Niki like Bash and she ad­mits it. She’s ter­ri­fied of the lie she’s liv­ing,” says Nolo, but that doesn’t de­ter Niki from her ini­tial plan: to get Suffo to walk down the aisle with her again. She con­vinces him to leave a de­pressed Pu­leng on Tues­day 23 May so that they can live hap­pily ever af­ter. “Niki’s pulled all the stops to see her dreams come true and she’s not let­ting any­one or any­thing stop her,” hints Nolo.

Niki (left) is go­ing to go too far to win back Suffo from Pu­leng (right).

Themba get­ting in­volved with his sis­ter-in-laws is go­ing to cost him.

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