Break-up by baby

Bonita is preg­nant but there’s a rea­son she isn’t ex­cited about telling her hubby Vince…

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Bonita (Hilde­gardt Whites) has been luke­warmly sup­port­ive over the past few months while her hus­band Vince (Jac­ques Blig­naut) fought to see his young son Christopher (Jiph­tael Langeveldt). While view­ers might’ve thought that it’s be­cause she has no con­nec­tion to the child that Vince had with his fling Cecile (Chan­tal Stan­field), there’s more to the story. Turns out Mrs Mein­tjies is preg­nant – and she’s got a lot to worry about be­cause it may not be Vince’s! Bonita is no slouch when it comes to sav­ing her ba­con in a tight spot, but this time could be tricky, ex­plains Hilde­gardt. “Bonita’s got a rough side from her youth liv­ing on the streets, but the sit­u­a­tion she’s in right now isn’t go­ing to go away as easy as any­thing she’s been through be­fore.”


Vince’s brother Justin (Dann-Jaques Mouton) no­tices that Bonita isn’t her usual self around him and on Tues­day 9 May she spills the beans about her predica­ment in an emo­tional out­burst. At first an obliv­i­ous Justin is happy for his sis­ter-in-law, but then she tells him the rest of her story and his hap­pi­ness sours. Justin al­ways looks out for his brother’s best in­ter­est and he thinks that Vince has the right to know, but Bonita’s against that. “Vince can­not find out un­der any cir­cum­stances,” stresses Hilde­gardt. “If he finds out that his wife is pos­si­bly car­ry­ing some­one else’s baby, it will shat­ter him. And she won’t do that to him af­ter what Vince went through to see Chris.” But that doesn’t stop Justin from de­liv­er­ing an ul­ti­ma­tum on Wed­nes­day 10 May: ei­ther Bonita tells Vince or he will.


Justin has an­other so­lu­tion for Bonita on Thurs­day 11 May but it’s not some­thing that she’s will­ing to con­sider: ter­mi­nat­ing the preg­nancy. “Bonita can’t be­lieve it. How could he think she’d be will­ing to do that?” asks Hilde­gardt. “She’s fu­ri­ous and chases him out of her flower shop be­fore he can say an­other word.” That spurs Justin on and he’s ready to tell Vince on Fri­day 12 May, but when he gets his chance, he con­sid­ers the con­se­quences and bites his tongue. Later that day, Justin re­turns to see Bonita and says Hilde­gardt, “He tells her that if she’s not will­ing to tell the truth, they’ll have to make an­other plan.” He doesn’t see a fu­ture for Vince and Bonita with this lie in their mar­riage, so he sug­gests rather end things now in their re­la­tion­ship. “Justin sug­gests that Bonita tell Vince that of her other trans­gres­sions that will push him away from her for good,” says Hilde­gardt.


“Bonita would rather that Vince hates her than learns the truth. That she can live with,” rea­sons the ac­tress. And there’s the chance that he’ll be fum­ing when he finds out that she black­mailed Mari­aan (Deidre Wolhuter) in Jan­uary to give Vince 50% of Beleef, the food shop that took over his deli. Justin and Bonita stage a fight in Beleef on Tues­day 16 May and Justin tells Vince about Bonita’s black­mail­ing. “He is an­gry but af­ter they chat about it [on Wed­nes­day 17 May], he sur­prises Bonita with for­give­ness.”


Un­de­terred, Bonita and her co- con­spir­a­tor come up with an­other scheme on Fri­day 19 May. “It in­volves cor­rupt cop Tony [Marlo Mi­naar],” says Hilde­gardt. He’s the guy Bonita slept with in 2016 in ex­change for in­for­ma­tion about the per­son who ab­ducted Vince…

Re­mem­ber when Bonita got in­volved with dodgy cop Tony? Vince is clue­less to the sit­u­a­tion.

Justin is help­ing with Bonita’s lies.

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