From Mr Lover to shady stalker

Jen­nifer’s re­jec­tion ex­poses Liam’s true na­ture as a con­trol­ling and abu­sive nightmare.

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Jen­nifer Hor­ton (Melissa Reeves) al­ways tries to do the right thing. Like on Thurs­day 4 May, when she gen­tly told her phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal sales rep re­bound boyfriend Liam (Mark Col­lier) that she had sorted out her is­sues with her lover Daniel (Shawn Chris­tian) and was go­ing back to him, adding that she hoped they could still be friends. Well, ap­par­ently that’s not on the menu – Liam snapped at her, “Why would I want to be friends with a b**ch like you?” He im­me­di­ately backpedalled but that com­ment waves a huge red flag for view­ers and as it turns out, with good rea­son!


Jen­nifer was alerted to 25 com­plaints about her on the hospi­tal’s web­site on Mon­day 8 May and while she im­medi- ately sus­pected Anne (Mered­ith Scott Lynn) or Theresa (Jen Lil­ley), who’ve made no se­cret that they can’t stand her, be­hind Jen’s back the two mean girls ac­cused one an­other of do­ing the job. A week later, on Mon­day 15 May, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) alerts Jen­nifer to a new at­tack: a fake photo of “slutty” Jen­nifer in a bikini stand­ing be­tween two shirt­less men is now the front page of the hospi­tal’s web­site. The photo has also been sent to her bosses. Days fans will al­ready have the real sus­pect in their sights as Liam gloat­ingly watches Jen­nifer and Max­ine (Aloma Wright) shred more phys­i­cal copies of the photo, then asks Eric (Greg Vaughan), “It’s sick, is what it is. What makes peo­ple so cruel?” And when Eric lets sip that Daniel and Jen­nifer are hav­ing a party, Liam sees his next open­ing.


Know­ing that Jen will be at Daniel’s place, Liam drops by her house – while her kids are there – and uses a toi­let break as an ex­cuse to sneak off and go through Jen­nifer’s dresser draw­ers. And at the end of the episode, while ly­ing on his bed, he reaches into his brief­case and pulls out Jen­nifer’s neg­ligee, gives it a deep sniff and prom­ises, “Soon… very soon.” Sure enough, on Fri­day 19 May, af­ter Liam’s lin­gerie-fu­elled sex fan­tasy star­ring Jen­nifer is in­ter­rupted when his imag­i­nary part­ner calls him Daniel, he tells him­self, “Noth­ing’s gonna hap­pen for Jen­nifer and me. Not with Daniel Jonas in the way.” In­stead of fan­ta­sis­ing about sex, Liam starts day­dream­ing about Jen­nifer plac­ing Daniel’s pho­to­graph next to her late hus­band Jack’s (Matthew Ash­ford) por­trait on her man­tel­piece, talk­ing about her tragic loss and the mir­a­cle of find­ing love again with Liam. Could he get any creepier? Yes – Liam’s go­ing to be stand­ing out­side the Hor­ton house watch­ing from the dark­ness as Daniel kisses Jen­nifer good­night. He’s not just a snif­fer, he’s a stalker!

Liam’s got his hands on Jen­nifer’s un­der­wear. And her body is next.

Se­duc­tive Jen­nifer wear­ing the stolen lin­gerie is all in Liam’s head.

Dan’s the man for Jen­nifer.

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