Labour pains

Nicole isn’t the only one hav­ing a baby – her boyfriend Zende has a tot on the way too!

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Grab that con­grat­u­la­tory cigar and don those sur­gi­cal scrubs, Bold fans. Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) is go­ing into labour on Fri­day 9 June and ev­ery­body – in­clud­ing her onoff boyfriend Zende (Rome Flynn) – is wait­ing for her to push, push, push out an­other For­rester baby!


Proud new par­ents Rick and Maya (Ja­cob Young and Karla Mosley) are on hand to cut the um­bil­i­cal cord when their sur­ro­gate mom de­liv­ers a healthy baby girl on Fri­day 9 June. And they’re not the only ones with tears in their eyes – Zende tells Nicole that “I couldn’t stay away. I kept think­ing about what you were go­ing through. The gift you were giv­ing Rick and your sis­ter Maya. This beau­ti­ful, gen­er­ous, car­ing gift. I feel like – I feel like a self­ish fool. I was only think­ing of my­self. I lost sight of this in­cred­i­ble thing that you were do­ing. I was so wrong. So blind. I am sorry”. It might be her hor­mones go­ing hay­wire, but Nicole loves the words she’s hear­ing and she wants her re­la­tion­ship with Zende back.


Not so fast there, lovers… there’s one lit­tle prob­lem that’s go­ing to keep you apart. Re­mem­ber how Zende hooked up with Sasha (Fel­isha Cooper) when he was on a break from Nicole in March? That comes back to bite him on Mon­day 12 June when Zende goes to the For­rester Man­sion to tell Sasha that he’s back with his girl­friend. She stops him mid-sen­tence, say­ing, “You know, I am glad you were there [at the hospi­tal]. And that you got to wit­ness the mir­a­cle that is birth. But it gets bet­ter – ’cause it’s gonna hap­pen again. But this time for us. Zende, I’m preg­nant!” The look on Zende’s face on Tues­day 13 June is price­less as he stam­mers, “Are you sure?”


While Sasha is ready to be more than just Zende’s sidechick, he’s not up for it. “I’m not ready to be a fa­ther, Sasha” is about all that the ex­pect­ing mother is go­ing to get from her un­der­cover lover and on Tues­day 13 June, Zende tells Sasha that “I need time to col­lect my thoughts”. Oh, and time to fig­ure out how to tell Nicole the news on the next day, Wednesday 14 June. Be­cause, you know, hon­esty is al­ways the best pol­icy when it comes to soapie ba­bies.


Find­ing out that her boyfriend is hav­ing a child with an­other woman isn’t the only drama for Nicole on Tues­day 20 June. The For­resters and Avants host a party for their new ar­rival at Eric For­rester’s (John McCook) man­sion and Maya and Rick an­nounce her name: El­iz­a­beth Nicole. “We’ve cho­sen the name ‘El­iz­a­beth’ af­ter Rick’s grand­mother Beth (Robin Riker) and ‘Nicole’ af­ter my sweet and self­less sis­ter who made this beau­ti­ful mir­a­cle pos­si­ble,” says Maya. And the nods of ap­proval prompt Zende to add a few words… “I can’t imag­ine life with­out Nicole. You know she makes me happy. And we are so good to­gether. I never want to dis­ap­point her in any way. Only, I have al­ready. Sasha. She’s preg­nant.” Cue the sound of crick­ets as jaws hit the floor around the man­sion.

This isn’t the first (or last) baby scan­dal to rip through Bold screens – take a bow, Ridge, Caroline and Thomas (Thorsten Kaye, Lin­sey Godfrey and Pier­son Fodé) and half of the For­rester fam­ily. Maya pipes up later on Tues­day 20 June that Sasha’s tim­ing is “fishy” and she wants proof of the preg­nancy, adding that Sasha had bet­ter not be fib­bing to try steal back Zende. If she is, Sasha could soon be at war with her new-mom half-sis­ters and Nicole and Maya aren’t to be tri­fled with…

Nicole pops with a full de­liv­ery room – Rick and Maya are there, as is Nicole’s mom Vivi­enne. Have a close look at the masked doc­tor stand­ing in the back of the de­liv­ery room when the episode airs – it’s Zende! WHO’S THAT?

Zende comes crawl­ing back to Nicole, but he’s got some­thing to tell her…

Maya makes it painfully clear that there will be trou­ble if Sasha (stand­ing sheep­ishly in the back) is ly­ing about be­ing preg­nant.

See Sasha’s flat, toned tummy? There’s a baby hid­ing in there!

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