Out with the truth

Mazwi dumps Nol­wazi when Getty tells him about her tricks.

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Moroka heir Mazwi (Musa Ngema) has con­trol over the women in his life. He has pushed es­tranged wife Sphe (Pearl Monama) fur­ther away. He has everyone con­vinced that baby Rorisang (Lethukuhle Jiyane) is his when he knows that he’s in­fer­tile. And he is rekin­dling his af­fair with his ex-fi­ancée Nol­wazi (Thando Tha­bethe) on Thurs­day 6 July. But that ro­mance isn’t going to end in hugs and kisses and cud­dles. In­stead, Nol­wazi’s bestie Getty (An­disiwe Dweba) is going to send Mazwi into a rage by re­veal­ing a not-so-sexy se­cret from Nol­wazi.


“Mazwi’s in the right place at the right time [on Thurs­day 6 July],” says Musa. “Nol­wazi opens up about her kid­nap or­deal in March 2017 [while they work late at Ezweni Com­mu­ni­ca­tions].” Mazwi knows that she started dat­ing his brother-in-law Fana (Mn­qobi Duma) af­ter they broke up in Jan­uary this year but Musa adds, “Mazwi never stopped lov­ing her.” When they broke up, he told her that he would never be with her again – he needed to be seen as a fam­ily man and avoid scan­dal and “he’s tried to contain his feel­ings be­cause she is dat­ing Fana. But they have a con­nec­tion that keeps bring­ing them back to­gether.” Nol­wazi feels it too but she’s con­fused on Tues­day 11 July. She tells Getty that she wants to have her cake (Fana) and to eat it (Mazwi), un­aware that her bestie is com­pletely against Nol­wazi dat­ing Mazwi. “Then she tells Getty about her se­duc­tion plan,” says Musa. That gives Getty an idea – if she tells Mazwi that Nol­wazi is ly­ing to him, they won’t get back to­gether and then her friend won’t get hurt again, ex­plains Musa.


Mazwi thinks that he’s get­ting back to­gether with Nol­wazi and that he’s the only one for her, but Getty brings him back down to Earth on Fri­day 14 July. “She warns Mazwi to stay away,” says Musa. “Mazwi dis­cov­ers that he’s be­ing two-timed and that Nol­wazi is still dat­ing his brother-in-law. He is fu­ri­ous and con­fronts her [later that day].” Nol­wazi has egg on her face and doesn’t know what to say, but on the in­side she’s fum­ing. She takes out her anger on Getty on Tues­day 18 July for stab­bing her in the back. Musa says that “it’s so tense be­tween the friends. Getty is now caught in the middle of this fight. She didn’t re­alise that sav­ing her friend’s heart would lead to her and Nol­wazi’s friend­ship suf­fer­ing”.

Getty (in­set) tries to save her bestie Nol­wazi by ru­in­ing things with Mazwi.

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