Fuel to the fire

Everyone’s wor­ried when they learn about Simi and Banzi’s un­ex­pected bond, es­pe­cially her love in­ter­est Za­mani!

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Joburg stu­dents rent­ing at gangster Banzi’s (Hamil­ton Dlamini) apart­ment build­ing are the driv­ing force of his em­pire. He tells the press that “cheap ac­co­mo­da­tion” it’s his way to give back to the com­mu­nity and he’s got his got his eye on a new ven­ture: worm­ing his way into naive stu­dent Simi’s (Nandi Mbatha) heart on Thurs­day 6 July. Obliv­i­ous Simi grows closer to him and “thinks that it’s gen­uine. Simi sees Banzi as the fa­ther fig­ure that she’s never had,” ex­plains Nandi and she doesn’t re­alise that her con­nec­tion with him is one of the many rea­sons that he’s mar­riage with Clau­dia (Chichi Letswalo) is fall­ing apart. “Clau­dia and Banzi have al­ways had a com­pli­cated mar­riage and Simi adds ten­sion to the al­ready bro­ken unit,” says Nandi.


Peo­ple no­tice Simi spend­ing more time with Banzi on Mon­day 10 July and his mom Mme Ethel (Lil­lian Dube) or­ders him to back off from Simi. But it’s too late for Banzi to leave and “Mme Ethel sees that, but she hopes that her ad­vice got through him. She thinks of Simi as fam­ily and wants to pro­tect her as she would her grand­daugh­ter,” says Nandi. Mme Ethel be­lieves that Simi saved her life when her health took a down­ward turn in June 2017 and “Simi is one of a kind. She’s got this heal­ing power, an en­ergy that makes peo­ple feel at ease and eager to stand up for her,” says Nandi. Za­mani (Za­mani Mbatha) tries to warn his crush SImi to stay away from his shady ex-boss on Wed­nes­day 12 July “but it’s im­pos­si­ble for her to see the truth. Simi sees the good in everyone and she won’t be­lieve the bad things she hears about Banzi,” adds Nandi.


Simi’s friend Anathi (Zimkhitha Nyoka) also isn’t sold on Simi’s “in­no­cent” link to Banzi on Mon­day 17 July. “Anathi sees through his schem­ing and tells Simi that some­thing isn’t right. Banzi is not to be trusted,” says Nandi, whose char­ac­ter ques­tions Banzi’s ac­tions to­wards her on Tues­day 18 July when she sees him with his gang. “Simi didn’t see this com­ing. Part of her didn’t want to know the truth but she’s seen it be­fore it’s too late. Luck­ily!”

Banzi plays Simi for a fool. Za­mani tries to shield Simi but he falls short.

Mme Ethel tries to pro­tect Simi.

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