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The most ob­vi­ous place to find a killer in In Plain Sight is in front of your face.

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Se­rial killer Pe­ter Manuel is on the run from De­tec­tive Mun­cie.

Se­rial killer Pe­ter Manuel (Martin Comp­ston) has served his time in three episode thriller In Plain Sight (2016, not to be con­fused with the US ac­tion show of the same name (2008-2012). “He’s a free man and he’s going back to his killing ways,” ex­plains Martin. And that’s a prob­lem for Wil­liam Mun­cie (Dou­glas Hen­shall), the de­tec­tive who helped put him behind bars to start with. “Pe­ter and I did ex­ten­sive re­search,” ex­plains Dou­glas, who had dif­fi­culty deal­ing with the subject mat­ter. “This was real, this all hap­pened in Scot­land in the 1950s – Pe­ter Manuel was real and he was a mon­ster!”


If you feel like you’ve seen this kind of show be­fore, you’re not far wrong. It’s very sim­i­lar to three-part bi­o­graph­i­cal drama Rillington Place (2016), the minis­eries that fea­tured

Tim Roth as real-life se­rial killer John Christie aka The Rillington Stran­gler. “It’s ter­ri­bly wor­ry­ing that this kind of thing took place all over the UK in the time period. These peo­ple were walk­ing around like you and I,” says Dou­glas. “They were nor­mal peo­ple do­ing very not-nor­mal things!”


Like Rillington Place, In Plain Sight also filmed in his­tor­i­cally ac­cu­rate set­tings like the Vic­to­ria In­fir­mary and the Cen­tral Belt Of Scot­land. “While re­search­ing, we got to go to the sites to get a bet­ter feel for the kind of peo­ple we would be play­ing,” adds Martin. “You walk through these places and you try to imag­ine the things that hap­pened there and how those peo­ple felt, hav­ing been lured in and snuffed out.”


As to be ex­pected, fam­i­lies of the real Pe­ter Manuel were un­happy about the show be­ing made in the first place. “And it’s to­tally un­der­stand­able,” says Dou­glas, who sym­pa­thises. “They lost the peo­ple the loved to a butcher, a mad­man who had no re­morse for any­one.”

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