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Kitchen’s Mr Mean is in siz­zling form on Gor­don’s Ul­ti­mate Home Cook­ing.

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Gor­don Ram­say ad­mits that he has a filthy mouth. “But it’s dif­fer­ent at home,” says the 50-year-old chef. “There was a swear jar and I’d be pen­ni­less if I car­ried on.” So that’s why he’s so much tamer and friend­lier on Gor­don’s Ul­ti­mate Home Cook­ing (2013- cur­rent), which is back on SABC3. Gor­don turned his Lon­don home into a TV set and in­vited the cam­eras in for the ul­ti­mate in home cook­ing. And his fam­ily help with the chop­ping, grilling and bak­ing. “On telly he’s like a strict teacher,” laughs 15-year- old Matilda. “It’s funny be­cause it is so dif­fer­ent to how he is at home. He’s just a nor­mal dad.”


“This is not a Miche­lin-star restau­rant where you’re pay­ing top dol­lar,” says the fiery Scot. “This is home cook­ing. It must be whole­some and tasty – but most im­por­tantly, it must be

sim­ple!” Sim­ple enough for chil­dren to do too – and that’s why Gor­don’s brood with wife Tana (they mar­ried in 1996) – Me­gan (19), twins Holly and Jack (17) and Matilda – make reg­u­lar ap­pear­ances, help­ing “dear old dad” dice and slice his way through recipes.


Gor­don has cooked for the who’s who of Hol­ly­wood, roy­alty and any­one else fa­mous in-be­tween. So you can bet your bot­tom dol­lar that he isn’t go­ing to be mak­ing plain pan­cakes and warm milk for a snack. But he’s also not mak­ing dishes that would scare the av­er­age per­son. “What I love is that this is the kind of food that I grew up eat­ing – it’s ba­sic, plain, easy to do,” smiles Gor­don.

Just look at episode 1 (which snuck onto TV in early July with­out warn­ing) – Gor­don made potato cakes, fish fin­gers and shepherd’s pie. “What is more Bri­tish that shepherd’s pie? It’s whole­some, filled with great flavours and it’s a quick fix that will al­ways go down well with your guests,” laughs the chef, who wouldn’t serve those dishes in his restau­rants around the world. “This! Is the ul­ti­mate in home cook­ing!” beams Gor­don.

Gor­don Ram­say is cook­ing in the com­fort of his own kitchen.

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