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Pearl is ex­hausted by her par­ents David and Andiswa’s non-stop ar­gu­ing and plans to move out. Em­manuel re­turns to his drug habit when the stress of find­ing a job be­comes too much, and Reneilwe wants her ex-bestie-turned-free­loader Kgaugelo out of her house. Pearl finds out that her mom is hav­ing an af­fair with her boyfriend Suf­fo­cate, and Em­manuel tries to impress his badguy friend Vega (Mbasa Msongelo) by throw­ing a party while his un­cle Kop is out of town. David fears for Pearl’s life and his em­pire when he dis­cov­ers that she’s mar­ry­ing his busi­ness ri­val Suf­fo­cate, and Em­manuel learns that truth about Palesa’s (Hloni Padi) rape: it was Vega’s plan! Mam­pho loses her job and lies to keep her par­ents Jafta and Sis Bee happy, and Niki is jeal­ous that her ex-hubby Suffo is en­gaged to Pearl.


Palesa doesn’t know who to turn to dur­ing her time of need and loses her cool when a stranger flirts with her, and Mam­pho picks up the pieces while search­ing for a new job. Niki needs an escape plan when her past and the po­lice knock on her front door, and

Pu­leng joins a re­li­gious cult to get clo­sure on los­ing her baby Ma­tric in March 2011. Cuba is sur­prised when her daugh­ter Pu­leng pushes her away to rather spend time with her church friends, and Bash con­fesses to his sis­ter Niki’s crimes and goes to jail to pro­tect her. Lungile has Bongi com­mit­ted to a men­tal asy­lum, and Mam­pho tries to hide her feel­ings for bad- guy Si­fiso. Niki’s got a plan to free Bash and get out of town safely, and Pearl dis­cov­ers that her par­ents are try­ing to split her and Suf­fo­cate. Em­manuel feels guilty for Palesa’s pain and of­fers to help her put Vega be­hind bars, and Mam­pho is ter­ri­fied about re­veal­ing her HIV sta­tus to her boyfriend Si­fiso.


Rhythm City couldn’t pro­vide episode syn­opses this far ahead due to its tight pro­duc­tion sched­ule.

Trou­ble’s brew­ing for si­b­lings Bash and Niki.

Reneilwe’s al­ready chaotic life is spi­ralling out of con­trol.

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