Sib­ling strife

Sech­aba and Ofentse are fight­ing like spoilt lit­tle brats.

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Half-brothers Sech­aba and Ofentse (Mot­latsi Mafat­she and Ka­belo Moalusi) have never got along – and run­ning a busi­ness on the mines to­gether isn’t go­ing to help mend their rift ei­ther. From Wed­nes­day 2 August, Sech­aba and his younger sib­ling re­new their child­hood ri­valry when Ofentse’s med­dling mother Baset­sana (Mot­shabi Tyelele) throws her weight around with the land claim rights that Sech­aba has been work­ing on. So which Moloi man will win?


“This sib­ling ri­valry be­gan when they were kids,” ex­plains Ka­belo. “The guys were al­ways com­pet­i­tive and tried to outdo each other in ev­ery as­pect of their lives, in­clud­ing when it came to help­ing the com­mu­nity. Even though they tried to be loyal to each other, Sech­aba and Ofentse never sup­ported each other and that’s an on-go­ing prob­lem that they have as adults.” On Wed­nes­day 2 August, the land claim dis­putes gets the bet­ter of the men when they re­alise that they will have to lead the com­mu­nity… well, at least one of them will be lead­ing. Thing is, nei­ther Moloi man is will­ing to con­cede de­feat in this con­test.


Ofentse’s mom Baset­sana has no doubt though who she wants to see lead­ing the com­mu­nity into the promised land. “Baset­sana and Ofentse’s re­la­tion­ship is a com­pli­cated one,” ex­plains Ka­belo. “They have a close bond but Baset­sana has the edge over her son. She is emo­tion­ally ma­nip­u­la­tive and uses all the tricks in the books to get what she wants. For the land claim, if she pushes Ofentse to be leader, then she knows she will be re­warded mon­e­tar­ily.” On Wed­nes­day 9 August, Baset­sana shows her darker side by hint­ing to Ofentse that “it’s okay” if a few peo­ple get hurt along the way to him be­ing in charge of the land claims. And that puts the young man in a sticky sit­u­a­tion, be­cause at the same time, Sech­aba has done some soul-search­ing and de­cided that he wants a truce with his sib­ling.


On Thurs­day 10 August, Ofentse is at war with him­self as he con­tem­plates align­ing with his mother and seiz­ing power, or stick­ing with his brother and putting on a united face. “At that point, Ofentse wants to do what’s right for his com­mu­nity, but he is un­der pres­sure from his mother. Baset­sana is venge­ful – she has no warmth for Sech­aba be­cause he re­minds her of a past that she would rather for­get,” says Ka­belo. “And she isn’t about to lose this fight right now!”

Sech­aba doesn’t re­alise that he’s be­ing played.

Ofentse is be­ing led around by his mom.

Baset­sana is ma­nip­u­lat­ing the sit­u­a­tion.

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