7 – 8 AUGUST

TV Plus (South Africa) - - KEEPING SCORE PREVIEW -

Botho tries to re­lieve her stress by get­ting drunk and pole danc­ing at the ASA gym. While delet­ing the se­cu­rity tape footage so that no one can black­mail her, Botho sees her sis­ter Ashanti get­ting flirty with Le­bona. Le­hasa has in­struc­tions for his brother Tladi’s lawyer about how to han­dle the rape case, and Jade re­grets her trans­gres­sion against her fi­ancée Eshe. Jus­tice un­know­ingly in­vites some­one from Warona’s fam­ily to din­ner and Tladi’s rape trial is given a court date.

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