Cheat­ing in the love race

Jade’s re­la­tion­ship with Eshe is on the rocks.

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ASA ath­letes Jade and Eshe (Gaosi Ra­ditholo and Swankie Mafoko) have been the poster pair for same-sex re­la­tion­ships at their gym since they got en­gaged in July. But their love­boat sails into rocky waters when Eshe no­tices how close Jade is get­ting to her male coach and for­mer ath­lete Flo (Te­boho Gil­bert Letele)…


“It’s not the first time that Eshe and Jade have butted heads over ‘other’ peo­ple,” says Swankie. “They con­tin­u­ously ar­gue about their too- close­for- com­fort re­la­tion­ships with their coaches. Jade has Flo, while Eshe has Sara (Mpolo­keng Cha­bane).” And they have ev­ery right to question each other about their train­ers as the pair spend most of their train­ing in pri­vate. Jade takes her ses­sions a bit too far on Tues­day 8 August when she kisses Flo. “She im­me­di­ately re­grets it,” says Swankie. “She feels em­bar­rassed and tells Flo that it meant noth­ing. She comes clean to Eshe about what she did.” How­ever, Eshe has a dif­fi­cult time believ­ing her fi­ancée and feels be­trayed now.


Jade learns that her trainer is leav­ing the ASA gym on Mon­day 14 August. More specif­i­cally, Flo is ditch­ing her and leav­ing her without a trainer. Worse yet, Jade is kicked off the gym- nas­tics team and forced to train alone, “With Flo gone, Jade is left to fend for her­self in the gym,” ex­plains Swankie. “But this is great for Eshe, who sees this as the perfect op­por­tu­nity to re­con­nect with Jade without in­ter­fer­ence and dis­trac­tion from an­other per­son.” While Jade is dev­as­tated, she tries to put on a brave face and bud­dies up with Eshe’s trainer Sara. They seem to be get­ting along well too, but now Eshe isn’t happy about their bond. Swankie hints that “Jade and Sara will grow fond of each other, but view­ers will soon see that Sara has se­crets of her own…”

Jade over­steps the mark and kisses her trainer Flo – and it doesn’t end well.

Eshe can smell a rat from a mile off and puts her foot down with her fi­ancée.

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