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Eleanor’s got a bad feel­ing about her perfect new world.

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Eleanor’s (Kristen Bell) se­cret is out in The Good Place (2016-cur­rent). She told her moral-com­pass soul­mate Chidi (Wil­liam Jack­son Harper) that she should re­ally have been sent to The Bad Place for her af­ter­life. And ev­ery time she messes up, chaos erupts, like in episode 2 (14 July) when gi­ant shrimp float through the air. It has their neigh­bour­hood’s ar­chi­tect Michael (Ted Dan­son) in tears, but the neigh­bour­hood might have been bro­ken long be­fore Eleanor got there…

1 Whose idea of heaven? The Good Place is a utopia, right? It’s mul­ti­cul­tural and mul­tira­cial, like Chidi, who was born in Nige­ria and grew up in Sene­gal. So why does the town cen­tre ar­chi­tec­ture look like cutesy small­town middle USA meets bour­geois old Europe? It’s like a theme shop­ping mall.

All things aren’t equal. Why do some 2 peo­ple have cus­tomer ser­vice jobs like the peo­ple serv­ing all that frozen yo­ghurt? And sure, ev­ery­one has a roof over their heads, but why are some

peo­ple liv­ing in man­sions and some in a one-bed­room flat? That’s not fair… I scream, you scream, we all scream


for ice cream. Ex­cept there isn’t any. In­stead, The Good Place is lit­tered with frozen yo­ghurt stores (at least 5 in one street). In episode 6 (11 August), Michael ad­mits that “it’s not quite as good as ice cream”. Can you get fat in the af­ter­life? If not, why not em­brace the deca­dent full cream ex­pe­ri­ence?

4 Fluffy doesn’t love you. In episode 1 (7 July) Michael kicked some­one’s tiny dog right into the sun be­cause he thought it might be out of place. Then he ad­mit­ted that “it is merely a con­struct of a dog. It feels no pain or joy or love”. Later, Michael prom­ises a ver­sion of the dog that can love, but only as an af­ter­thought.

Speak no evil. Fi­nally, walk­ing5 talk­ing info ro­bot Janet (D’Arcy Car­den) is pro­grammed not only not to lie, but to tell the lit­eral truth. So what does she mean in episode 6 when she says that “ev­ery­thing is wrong is here”? Eleanor is wrong, and silent monk Jianyu Li (Manny Jac­into) re­vealed in episode 4 that he’s re­ally drug dealer named Ja­son, so he’s wrong. Uh… so what else is wrong, Michael?


Heav­enly neigh­bours (from left) Ta­hani, Jianyu, Michael, Eleanor, Chidi and Janet. Ac­cord­ing to the set tour at Uni­ver­sal Stu­dios, the fun and colour­ful court­yard set on The Good Place is where all of the old hor­ror films like like Franken­stein and Drac­ula were shot in the 1950s.

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