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Teen hooker Eve Baron (then played by Char­lotte Ross) ar­rived in Salem in 1987 to sab­o­tage her dad Shane Dono­van’s (Charles Shaugh­nessy) mar­riage to Kim­berly Brady (Patsy Pease). She had a huge crush on Jen­nifer’s boyfriend Frankie Brady and tried to break them up. In 1990, Eve asked Frankie to marry her and when he re­jected her, she turned to Jack. Jack and Eve’s mar­riage was an­nulled in 1991 and Eve fled Salem when she was ac­cused of her pimp Nick Corelli’s (Ge­orge Je­nesky) mur­der. The mur­der dragged Eve, Frankie, Jack and Jen­nifer into a mur­der-mys­tery plot aboard a train. And when Frankie de­cided to leave Salem to work for a char­ity or­gan­i­sa­tion in Africa in 1991, Eve went with him. Off-screen around 1997, Eve had a daugh­ter named Paige.

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