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Bit­ter en­e­mies Kate and Sami join forces to de­stroy the DiMera Em­pire, one fam­ily mem­ber at a time.

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If Sami and Kate (Ali­son Sweeney and Lau­ren Koslow) chan­nelled the en­ergy they use for tear­ing each other’s hair out into be­ing a team, they’d be un­stop­pable. And now we have proof! On Thurs­day 14 Septem­ber, the DiMera En­ter­prises board de­clares them co- CEOs for the next six months in EJ (James Scott) and Ste­fano’s (Joseph Mas­colo) ab­sence. Sami tells Kate, “I plan to take EJ on the ride of his life. One way – down­hill.” And Kate adds, “Oh, I can slice and dice Ste­fano in six months. Part­ners?” And while Kate has some meddling to take care of, Sami skips off to give EJ a taste of what’s to come.


Sami leans through the prison bars on Fri­day 15 Septem­ber to gloat to EJ, who’s in jail be­cause she had him ar­rested for tax eva­sion, “Kate had Ste­fano’s prox­ies and I had yours. I brought you the min­utes of the meeting. Isn’t tech­nol­ogy amaz­ing?,” Sami smirks to a hor­ri­fied EJ be­fore let­ting him know, “You had sex with Abi­gail Dev­er­aux (Kate Mansi), EJ, un­der my nose, laugh­ing the whole time. ‘Oh, that dumb Sami. She won’t know what I’m do­ing.’ Well, guess what? This is what pay­back feels like, EJ, and it’s go­ing to get worse. Start­ing with our wed­ding day, I’m go­ing to ded­i­cate my­self to mak­ing your life a liv­ing hell.” And on Thurs­day 21 Septem­ber, Sami walks EJ through ex­actly how she plot­ted his down­fall.


Putting EJ be­hind bars is just the start. Kate tells Sami that she’s mov­ing back into the DiMera Man­sion with Sami on Fri­day 22 Septem­ber. And Kate sug­gests, “You can re­tire to the li­brary, the bil­liards room or any one of the 100 rooms in this house, drink your mar­ti­nis, pass out, or you can stay here with me and get down to the busi­ness of mak­ing sure that ev­ery­one who has wronged us pays… and pays and pays and pays.” Sami agrees to a truce and Kate re­veals that she’s split the DiMera portfolio into two groups. Group A is the one Sami and Kate will pour all their work into so that’s it’s a suc­cess – main­tain­ing their pro­fes­sional rep­u­ta­tions. Group B, on the other hand, well those are the di­vi­sions that Ste­fano and EJ in­vested their per­sonal for­tunes in. It’s sad, but Group B is about to face a mys­te­ri­ous down­turn, then cop Rafe (Galen Ger­ing) drops by on an of­fi­cial visit to seize cer­tain fi­nan­cial doc­u­ments. Kate looks at the pa­per­work and hums, telling Sami, “These are the di­vi­sions that we were just talk­ing about, Sami.” What a co­in­ci­dence!


Then it’s man­sion makeover time and Kate de­clares, “I am go­ing to get a dec­o­ra­tor into this man cave. Maybe some flour­ishes, some chintz. But that abom­i­na­tion [Ste­fano’s por­trait] is the first thing that goes!” When EJ walks into the DiMera man­sion on Tues­day 26 Septem­ber (thank you, DiMera lawyers), the first thing he’ll spot is a paint­ing of Kate and Sami look­ing fierce and fab­u­lous. View­ers are about to get a dif­fer­ent kind of look at the women now that they’re liv­ing to­gether. “We had so much fun be­ing in py­ja­mas in the man­sion and hav­ing those scenes to­gether,” says Lau­ren. “We wanted to por­tray what their in­te­rior life was like.”

Kate (left) and Sami kick their “De­stroy The DiMeras” plan into high gear.

The piece de re­sis­tance to Kate and Sami’s man­sion makeover.

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