MaNg­cobo is tricked and trapped in Sun­ny­hill, un­til an old friend reaches out a deadly hand.

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The evening fol­low­ing MaNg­cobo’s (Dawn Than­deka King) “haunted” en­gage­ment party was a night­mare on Wednesday 6 Septem­ber. She was wres­tled to her bed in her bathrobe by “white coat” or­der­lies from the Sun­ny­hill asy­lum be­fore be­ing carted off like a vi­o­lent lu­natic. Her new fi­ancé Nkunzi (Ma­soja Msiza) stood by and let it hap­pen with­out protest. “MaNg­cobo gets thrown back into Sun­ny­hill so eas­ily,” says Dawn. “This is a time when she would have pre­ferred for Nkunzi to take her side, for her lover to be­lieve that weird things are hap­pen­ing. What breaks her heart is that Nkunzi doesn’t be­lieve that she is ac­tu­ally not sick.” MaNg­cobo is as sane as she ever was and she has an axe to grind…


Ever since Thurs­day 6 Septem­ber, MaNg­cobo’s been wrestling with the knowl­edge that Nkunzi’s first wife In­no­cen­tia (Sthandwa Nzuza) not only sur­vived their sup­posed “fight to the death” on Thurs­day 20 April, she de­lib­er­ately got MaNg­cobo sent away to Sun­ny­hill so that she could take over her life again. In­no­cen­tia has the ad­van­tage of never hav­ing had her san­ity called into ques­tion at all. She ad­mits to Nkunzi on Tues­day 19 Septem­ber that she stayed away from KwaMashu af­ter MaNg­cobo tried to kill her. And when Nkunzi con­fronts MaNg­cobo about the mur­der at­tempt on Wednesday 20 Septem­ber, he al­ready be­lieves that she is vi­o­lently in­sane.

It’s a po­si­tion that au­to­mat­i­cally casts doubt on any claims MaNg­cobo might make about “killing” In­no­cen­tia in self- defence (which is true) and it plays right into In­no­cen­tia’s hands. “MaNg­cobo feels pow­er­less and she doesn’t know what to do be­cause now Nkunzi re­ally be­lieves that she’s crazy. Nkunzi is fu­ri­ous. He says that he doesn’t want to see her ever again.” And later that night, In­no­cen­tia goes back to the hospi­tal to show off her shiny new en­gage­ment ring to the woman she’s re­plac­ing. “In­no­cen­tia re­veals that she and Nkunzi are go­ing to re­new their vows and that kind of kills MaNg­cobo in­side,” says Dawn.


But MaNg­cobo isn’t com­pletely with­out al­lies – whether she knows it or not. On Mon­day 25 Septem­ber, her old asy­lum fren­emy Patjuju (Lindiwe Ndlovu) – MaNg­cobo’s dan­ger­ously un­sta­ble room­mate from when of­fi­cer Mondli (Them­binkosi Th­wala) orig­i­nally had Lindiwe com­mit­ted to Sun­ny­hill in Fe­bru­ary this year – drops in for a visit. “The dy­namic be­tween them has shifted a bit be­cause Patjuju is on her way out of Sun­ny­hill,” re­veals Dawn. “She’s about to be re­leased from the men­tal asy­lum and their friend­ship is stronger, so there isn’t that ob­ses­sion that Patjuju had the first time round. Now it’s more of a friend­ship, more want­ing to re­ally pro­tect MaNg­cobo and just be her friend. It’s ac­tu­ally a fun mo­ment. This is where MaNg­cobo re­alises that she has an ally in Patjuju and they can scheme to­gether to take down In­no­cen­tia,” laughs Dawn.


“Patjuju wants the word from MaNg­cobo and she’ll kill In­no­cen­tia now. She will do it!” warns Dawn. “Patjuju’s loy­alty is the one thing that gives MaNg­cobo hope for how she could now get rid of In­no­cen­tia. The so­lu­tion is for Patjuju to com­mit mur­der!” And it turns out MaNg­cobo could re­ally use that kind of favour about now, be­cause while she and Patjutju are plan­ning to kill off the com­pe­ti­tion, guess who is think­ing ex­actly the same thing? In­no­cen­tia has Nkunzi’s brother Qha­banga (Siyabonga Shibe) on her side and on Fri­day 22 Septem­ber, she asks him to do her a lit­tle favour…

We’ll be bit­ing our nails as to who will strike first and how, es­pe­cially when Patjuju rings In­no­cen­tia’s door­bell on Tues­day 26 Septem­ber…

MaNg­cobo gets an un­wel­come visit from Nkunzi, who doesn’t be­lieve a word she says.

In­no­cen­tia is all smiles as her plans play out.

Patjuju will do any­thing to save her friend.

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