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Sea­son 1 Mon­days (*194) 20:30 Episodes 6 & 7 Cor­rupt New York de­tec­tives hide their dodgy deals in ac­tion show Shades Of Blue (2016- cur­rent), not know­ing that one of their own has turned on them.

What you need to know:

1 De­tec­tive San­tos (Jen­nifer Lopez) and her boss Lieu­tenant Woz­niak (Ray Liotta) cov­ered up her rookie part­ner shoot­ing a sus­pect dead in episode 1 (15 Jan).

Also in episode 1, 2

San­tos was caught in an FBI st­ing and forced to flip sides for amnesty.

Woz­niak or­dered his 3

right-hand woman San­tos to find the FBI rat on the team in episode 2 (22 Jan), not think­ing that it was her, given their past.

San­tos re­con­sid­ered 4

turn­ing Woz­niak in af­ter he told her in episode 3 (29 Jan) that he’d cover for her again when her abu­sive ex-hus­band comes up for re-trial.

San­tos had another 5

prob­lem to deal with in episode 4 (5 Feb): her FBI han­dler Agent Stahl’s ( War­ren Cole) in­ter­est in her isn’t “just busi­ness”.

(From left) Cops San­tos, Woz­niak and Tess (Drea de Mat­teo) break the law too.

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