Righ­teous ram­page!

Look out, KwaMashu! Gabisile is on the war path about her neigh­bour­hood’s mo­ral melt­down.

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“Gabisile Mdlet­she (Baby Cele) is one of those aunts who you like but when some­one says, ‘Aunt so-andso is com­ing to visit this week­end,’ you would rather go sleep over at your friend’s place. It’s not that they don’t love her. They do, but she is too strict,” says an amused Baby. And it’s not only Mumsy Mdlet­she’s (Nom­cebo Gumede) shock­ing preg­nancy an­nounce­ment at her bap­tism cer­e­mony on Wed­nes­day 23 May that’s set­ting this aunty off. When Zekheth­elo (Nyal­leng Thibedi) du­ti­fully warns Gabisile on Fri­day 25 May that her ten­ants are sell­ing al­co­hol be­hind her back, Gabisile rolls up her sleeves and pre­pares for a smack­down.


The peo­ple of KwaMashu will see Gabisile’s fiercest colours shin­ing out loud and clear on Tues­day 29 May. “Oh, she loses it!” laughs Baby. “She owns seven houses that she rents out and she knows what is hap­pen­ing in each and every house that she rents out to peo­ple. So when she finds out what is hap­pen­ing, all hell breaks loose. She just throws her ten­ants out – and they have kids! She’s like, ‘You know what? I took you in but don’t you ever think that the money that you pay for rent feeds me. It doesn’t. Lis­ten here, I am Gabisile and I am the only one. You would never find an­other like me ex­cept for my ID photo in my ID book. Never for­get. And once she says that, peo­ple just know.” In the end, Gabisile re­lents and gives her ten­ants two months to straighten them­selves out. But she won’t be so mer­ci­ful with the source of the prob­lem.


Baby ex­plains that “Gabisile be­lieves be­cause MaNg­cobo (Dawn Than­deka King) owns the lo­cal night­club in the town­ship, this is now hap­pen­ing, peo­ple are sell­ing al­co­hol. She hates it and there’s a story be­hind that. But I prom­ise you, Gabisile will help them… in her own spe­cial way. There is only one per­son who knows Gabisile and what she is ca­pa­ble of and that is Nkunzi (Ma­soja Msiza). The view­ers will have to wait for that day to come, be­cause there is a story there. Nkunzi knows that you don’t mess with Gabisile…”

Gabisile is the last per­son the sin­ners of KwaMashu should be to an­noy­ing.

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