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Din­tle is stalk­ing Yvonne like a lioness out for a tasty treat, but it turns out there’s more at stake than just that miss­ing suit­case that ev­ery­one is af­ter…

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Scan­dal! fans who’ve been long­ing for Din­tle (Ma­paseka Koe­tle) and Yvonne (Kgomotso Christo­pher) to be­come BFFs were thrilled when Yvonne be­came the new host­ess at Qs on Thurs­day 19 April. But, alas, it was not meant to be. “You know when two peo­ple are too sim­i­lar, it’s rare to be friends be­cause you both want the same thing,” says Ma­paseka. “Din­tle thought that be­cause she and Yvonne both love money and they both love fash­ion that they would be friends, only to find out that Yvonne looks down on her. And the things that Yvonne was say­ing to her made her re­alise that naaah, they don’t fit any­more,” ex­plains Ma­paseka. “Din­tle feels like Yvonne has taken her spot­light. She has taken the host­ess ti­tle that Din­tle has al­ways wanted. Din­tle feels re­ally, re­ally up­set. So she is hop­ing to find any­thing that will get rid of Yvonne.” And when woman-scorned Din­tle re­alised that she had a way of strik­ing back at Yvonne thanks to the Miss­ing Brief­case Mys­tery at Qs, she grabbed it with both hands and set off to spy on the prime sus­pect.


Din­tle is work­ing hand-in­hand in this spy game with her best fren­emy Layla (Natasha Suther­land). “In this case, they have a com­mon en­emy – should I call her an en­emy? But they have a per­son that they both don’t like, so why not work with some­one like Layla to try find some­thing that will get rid of Yvonne?” asks Ma­paseka. But they had bet­ter pre­pare for a few set­backs, like their whoopsy on Thurs­day 24 May when Yvonne tells Layla that she can prove noth­ing, be­fore they can catch out slip­pery Yvonne. Asked to rate Din­tle’s spy skills this fort­night, Ma­paseka laughs. “Out of 10, I think nine? But it’s half-half. I can say nine, I can say zero, be­cause she’s al­ways jump­ing to con­clu­sions with­out find- ing the facts cor­rectly but some­times she gets re­ally lucky and she finds some­thing. So how about five. Let’s give her five. Things go wrong be­cause she finds out some­thing she doesn’t want to find out…”


Yvonne re­acts with fury when Layla and Din­tle con­front her with their ev­i­dence and ac­cu­sa­tions again on Thurs­day 31 May. But Din­tle is not giv­ing up be­cause it’s not sim­ply about the money any­more. Din­tle’s spy game be­came com­pli­cated back on Mon­day 21 May when she saw Yvonne chat­ting to some­one from her past – and sud­denly the con­tents of that brief­case looked like small change. If only Din­tle had some way to warn Yvonne that “you in dan­ger, girl”. “She re­alised that Yvonne is work­ing with some­one very dan­ger­ous. Din­tle has a past with him. And there is no ad­mi­ra­tion from Yvonne any­more. It’s just that thing of, ‘Stay away! What this man did to me, he might do it to you. Yes, I don’t like you but I wouldn’t want you to go through what I went through’,” ex­plains Ma­paseka. “The whole thing that Din­tle went through in the past came back. How he used to treat her. What he did to her. She re­alises that now Yvonne might also be in the same dan­ger that she was back then,” hints Ma­paseka.


The new drama is go­ing to force Din­tle into a po­si­tion where she needs to step up to help other peo­ple. “The first time she sees him with Yvonne, she makes a de­ci­sion to tell Yvonne about him. She’s like, ‘You will never, ever know any­one like him. You will think you are over­think­ing things. You will think you are see­ing things. But you don’t know [this man]. But be­cause Yvonne doesn’t take Din­tle se­ri­ously, she doesn’t lis­ten,” says Ma­paseka. “This man com­ing back will show the view­ers that Din­tle does have a heart, and she is will­ing to help other peo­ple. She will save a lot of peo­ple be­cause so much is go­ing to hap­pen, and not just for Yvonne,” hints Ma­paseka.

Hor­ri­fied Din­tle thinks that she’s seen a ghost at Qs Din­tle’s no longer the host­ess with the most­ess.

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