Trou­ble comes call­ing

Wendy gets an unasked for blast from her past when her exboyfriend Clive ar­rives in The Deep. And it’s no co­in­ci­dence.

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Michelle Bel­ing is the first to ad­mit that her char­ac­ter Wendy has made mis­takes, “But she is al­most fin­ished with her pa­role meet­ings and she is ready to be ‘a nor­mal per­son’ again. But then he shows up.” “He” would be Clive (Stefan Ludik, Gus­tav in med­i­cal soap Bin­nelanders, 2005- cur­rent), who Wendy knew bet­ter by his real name Jac­ques. “She didn’t see him dur­ing her five-year prison sen­tence. He robbed a bot­tle store dur­ing one of their dates and she was caught and he got away,” says Michelle. “When she first sees him [on Wed­nes­day 23 May], she’s like, ‘Is this real? This is not hap­pen­ing!’”


For­get about Jac­ques just stum­bling upon Hori­zon Deep ran­domly – “He’s in town for a rea­son,” warns Michelle. “It’s not clear what he wants from her at first, but she’s spooked when she sees him.” And she’s go­ing to be see­ing a lot of “Clive” be­cause he’s the new Bokamoso ho­tel PR man­ager, where Wendy’s sis­ter Lalage (Elma Postma) re­cently quit. “She even drops the plates at the Rec Club [where she’s the man­ager] when ‘Clive’ comes over to her,” adds Michelle. “Wendy crum­bles. She’s in pieces and she has a melt­down when she tells Lalage about Clive and how he’s re­ally Jac­ques, the rea­son she was in prison [on Thurs­day 24 May].” Lalage is scep­ti­cal be­cause Wendy hasn’t al­ways been hon­est, but she of­fers Wendy a shoul­der to cry on.


De­spite her fears, Jac­ques sur­prises Wendy on Mon­day 28 May by ask­ing for for­give­ness. “Jac­ques has moved on. He has a nice job and a fam­ily. Wendy has noth­ing,” sighs Michelle. But the old Jac­ques re­turns on Thurs­day 31 May when he uses emo­tional black­mail to get his way. “This is one huge mess look­ing for a place,” says Michelle. But there’s some­thing go­ing on be­tween them that isn’t ex­plained, hints the ac­tress. Lalage urges her sis­ter to tell Bokamoso boss Sech­aba (Mot­latsi Mafat­she) who he’s hired, but “Wendy didn’t rat Jac­ques out when she was ar­rested, so she may not do it now. I think there are feel­ings and that’s why she can’t bring her­self to do it,” says Michelle. Wendy may re­gret that, be­cause “Clive” is go­ing to be mix­ing with The Deep’s un­der­world and he could drag her with…

There’s no love lost be­tween Wendy and her ex-boyfriend Clive.

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