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What’s go­ing on in your favourite ac­tor’s head?

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Gabriel Te­mudzani has spent the bet­ter part of 20 years rul­ing the king­dom of Thathe in Venda soapie Mu­vhango (1997- cur­rent, see p11) as Chief Azwin­dini, run­ning the royal house and his busi­ness with a strong, con­trol­ling hand. But while ladies’ man Azwin­dini is go­ing through a rough patch – read more about his lat­est love drama on p11 – it’s a dif­fer­ent story for Gabriel, who laughs at his char­ac­ter’s short­com­ings: “You would think that he knows by now not to fool around with other men’s women. He has mul­ti­ple wives. He should con­trol his eye more. Look at what has hap­pened – he lost his ti­tle as chief!” Gabriel mean­while en­joys kick­ing back in front of the telly and be­ing en­ter­tained with­out any of his char­ac­ter’s stresses.

Who was your first TV crush? Rosey Motene, who played the sassy jour­nal­ist Tsego Motene on Gen­er­a­tions (19942014). She was strong and beau­ti­ful. What did you do when an “adult” mo­ment came on while were watch­ing TV with fam­ily? Quickly find some­thing else to fo­cus my at­ten­tion on. Even to this day I some­times will grab my cell­phone and play around on that for a few min­utes.

What prod­uct have you wanted ever since

you saw it on TV? How do you think I keep my smile look­ing so good? I’ve got a fond­ness for tooth­pastes and I love try­ing the new ones.

Whose TV wardrobe do you want? Def­i­nitely my char­ac­ter. He still dresses like the chief even though he isn’t one any­more. His suits are slick for the board­room too and con­veys power.

Whose TV house would you love to live

in? That’s a tough one be­cause there are a lot of nice houses on TV. But I am re­ally com­fort­able in the royal house on our show. I know my way around and it’s got a feel that car­ries across the cul­ture well. If you worked be­hind the scenes, which job would you want and why? Ev­ery­one prob­a­bly says it, but di­rect­ing. That job gives life to the show and char­ac­ters – there is per­spec­tive and di­rec­tive be­ing added to the script.

What is one of your favourite plot

twists from a show? The one that my char­ac­ter is cur­rently in­volved in. Mu­vhango is go­ing back to its glory days and the in­fi­delity scan­dal around Azwin­dini and hav­ing a lovechild is great for view­ers.

Which char­ac­ter is your favourite hero

and why? I ac­tu­ally watched it on TV last night – Den­zel Washington in 2002 drama film John Q. We need more char­ac­ters like his, who are so driven to save their chil­dren that they take doc­tors hostage. It’s a pro­found sit­u­a­tion to be in.

What is your night­mare sce­nario while

film­ing? I re­ally dis­like film­ing in the cold. That’s not cool at all, you know? With all the re­boots hap­pen­ing, which se­ries would you like to re­boot and be part of? Thriller show Prison Break (2005-2017). I would re­boot the re­cent re­boot.

If you could play any char­ac­ter on any show,

who would it be and why? I’d love to do a re­al­ity fly- on-the-wall se­ries about my­self and the per­sonal and pro­fes­sional jour­ney that I’ve been on so far.

What show and episode made you cry

most re­cently? Mine – in mid-Septem­ber when Azwin­dini’s wife Su­san (Maumela Mahuwa) re­alised what was go­ing on. She has been with him through thick and thin. It’s heart­break­ing to watch. What show made you want to be an ac­tor? Those old-school dra­mas on SABC like Le­silo Rula in the ’80s. Your favourite TV icon is? The late Joe Mafela, who shone the torch for en­ter­tain­ers in South Africa for decades.. And if you could change one thing about your char­ac­ter… How he re­lates to ladies.

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