12 – 16 NOVEM­BER

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Yvonne lies about Her­man, Gideon drives Nina up the wall, and Fafa is con­cerned for Schalk’s wel­fare. Si­mon con­fronts Her­man re­gard­ing his mo­tives, Bart and Kristien are de­ter­mined to bring about Schalk’s down­fall, and things are more se­ri­ous be­tween Blitz and Julia than he thought. Si­mon lec­tures Yvonne and Re­nate, Yvonne wants to talk to Si­mon, and Anna writes a poem for the arts evening. Si­mon and Yvonne are still at odds about Her­man, Blitz has a sur­prise for Julia, and Chrissie shows Anna her work for the arts event.

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