Here comes un­cle!

Mkhonto is back in town to ex­tend a lov­ing hand to Nosipho and a fist to Nkunzi and Mx­olisi.

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Mkhonto Xulu (Bonga Dlamini) has never had a warm re­la­tion­ship with his late brother Muzi’s (Mpumelelo Bhu­lose) wife and chil­dren. He is more your dis­ci­pline-and- dis­ap­proval un­cle than Mr Fun Times when he shows up to give the fam­ily their semi-an­nual scold­ing. But his niece Nosipho’s (Nom­pilo Ma­phu­mulo) re­cent dream quest to un­cover the Xulu an­ces­tors’ graves brings out an as­ton­ish­ing new side to him. With Nosipho fore­most in his thoughts on Thurs­day 15 Novem­ber, Mkhonto sets about putting his niece’s home in or­der. That means get­ting rid of her gang­ster step­dad Nkunzi (Ma­soja Msiza) and test­ing her brother Mx­olisi (Nay Maps Mapha­lala).


“Nosipho needs an­swers to where her life is go­ing to go be­cause her dreams are chang­ing ev­ery­thing about what she has known and un­der­stood for her en­tire life. Her mother MaNg­cobo (Dawn Than­deka King) is not a Xulu, so it be­comes very clear, very quickly that she needs some­body from her fa­ther’s side,” ex­plains Bonga. “As Mkhonto is the younger brother, he comes in to as­sist her and they go through the jour­ney as a fam­ily.” Nosipho’s will­ing­ness to work her­self nearly to death to an­swer the an­ces­tral call­ing and the fact that she has found some­thing so es­sen­tial to the Xulu fam­ily’s his­tory and their fu­ture is pre­cious to Mkhonto and it will change his dy­namic with her. “To Mkhonto, there is noth­ing bet­ter than fam­ily. The fam­ily con­nec­tion, the fam­ily love, is the only thing that Mkhonto ac­cepts and loves and is will­ing to do any­thing for,” adds Bonga.


“It will show how pro­found Mkhonto is as a hu­man be­ing. That doesn’t come across so of­ten be­cause he is a char­ac­ter who is made out of cir­cum­stances. But by birth he is an in­tel­li­gent, giv­ing, lov­ing man. He is a fam­ily man through and through. And now we will get to see the truth about the man him­self,” re­veals Bonga. “Play­ing Mkhonto has al­ways been fas­ci­nat­ing and pow­er­ful for me. Now it is very calm­ing, thought­ful and spir­i­tual. It feels like a dream. It feels like I am float­ing when I play him in this way,” he says hap­pily.


While Mkhonto will em­brace Nosipho, Nkunzi should ex­pect no such in­dul­gence. “He has never been pleased about Nkunzi be­ing part of the fam­ily or about Nkunzi be­ing the hus­band of MaNg­cobo,” points out Bonga. “Mkhonto doesn’t un­der­stand or ac­cept how a man like Nkunzi can come into his brother’s house and take his wealth or his be­long­ings with­out com­ing to the ta­ble with some­thing to match that. To Mkhonto, that’s a sim­ple fact that ev­ery man should be able to un­der­stand – but Nkunzi does not seem to be smart enough, ac­cord­ing to Mkhonto, to re­alise this. Mkhonto be­lieves that Nkunzi is ba­si­cally a com­mon crim­i­nal thug.” And on Thurs­day 15 Novem­ber, Mkhonto sets plans in mo­tion to put Nkunzi out of busi­ness.

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There will be ma­jor drama when MaNg­cobo fi­nally finds Nosipho.

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