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as Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma pre­pares to ad­dress the na­tion on govern­ment’s plans to take the coun­try for­ward,

took to the streets to hear what South Africans ex­pect the pres­i­dent to say:

Boy Th­wala (62)

“My ex­pec­ta­tion from the pres­i­dent is that he will ad­dress how govern­ment is go­ing to stop crime and cor­rup­tion. Cit­i­zens feel un­safe to walk down a street be­cause of crime. The govern­ment must pro­vide em­ploy­ment in or­der to drop crime sta­tis­tics be­cause most peo­ple get in­volved in crime be­cause they are un­em­ployed. We also need to know how he is go­ing to deal with cor­rupt lead­ers and of­fi­cials.”

Ndu­miso Tha­bethe (32)

“I am ex­pect­ing the pres­i­dent to talk more on ed­u­ca­tion and em­ploy­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties. In ru­ral ar­eas like Ma­phu­mulo, where I am from, there is no proper school in­fra­struc­ture. Learn­ers study in tents or un­der the trees. The pres­i­dent needs to come up with a good strat­egy to ad­dress the short­age of classes in ru­ral schools.”

Sicelo Sit­hole (27)

“I would like the pres­i­dent to ad­dress the is­sue of nepo­tism be­cause it af­fects a num­ber of qual­i­fied peo­ple. No mat­ter how many de­grees you have, you are not guar­an­teed em­ploy­ment. It is so easy to be em­ployed when your rel­a­tive works at the govern­ment. We need to have clear and le­gal pro­cesses when it comes to em­ploy­ment so that the right can­di­date will get what they de­serve.”

Nozipho Sibiya (34)

“I would like pres­i­dent to talk about abor­tion. The coun­try should have strict rules for girls and boys on is­sues like the use of con­tra­cep­tives. Peo­ple should know that once you get preg­nant, there's no go­ing back.”

Nas­ta­jia Goven­der

“I want to the pres­i­dent to ad­dress the

the is­sue of land re­form. Fair­ness and dis­tri­bu­tion – is there ca­pac­ity and the ca­pa­bil­ity to train new farm­ers? Are there plans or tech­niques or the struc­tures of suc­cess­ful farm­ing yield? What are govern­ment’s plans for 2018 go­ing for­ward with land re­form?”

Njab­ulo Dladla (38)

“I want to hear about how govern­ment will strengthen the se­cu­rity of our borders so that we can man­age the num­ber of peo­ple com­ing into our coun­try. Se­condly, I want to hear what Pres­i­dent Zuma has to say about the work­ing class who do not qual­ify for RDP houses and can­not af­ford to pay bonds.”

Popo Mbuli (26)

“The pres­i­dent needs to ad­dress is­sue of em­ploy­ment among youth. Peo­ple are ed­u­cated but they are sit­ting at home with their qual­i­fi­ca­tions. If he can come up with more in­tern­ship pro­grammes for grad­u­ates to get ex­pe­ri­ence and also con­sider giv­ing young­sters in­creased ac­cess to fund­ing to start their own busi­nesses.”

Candice Meir­ing (35)

“I want the pres­i­dent to talk more about our econ­omy. How is the govern­ment go­ing to grow our econ­omy? What plans are there to en­sure that food and petrol prices are con­trolled and that we at­tract for­eign in­vestors who will bring sta­bil­ity to the coun­try.”

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