Pok­ing fun at old mar­ket­ing cliche wins day

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I LOVE brands which are so comfortable with them­selves that they can gen­tly poke fun at the old mar­ket­ing cliches. And the lat­est Mercedes-Benz E Class advert does just that.

It fea­tures a group of gor­geous women bounc­ing along on beau­ti­ful horses in el­e­gant mo­tion. Two old codgers sit and watch the spec­ta­cle rush past the. One says to the other: “I love car ads, don’t you?”

It breaks the rule about prod­uct, prod­uct, prod­uct – but it brings a smile and you re­mem­ber the car.

Great ad and it gets my first Or­chid this week.

An Or­chid (and maybe a bi­ased one at that) for the Ea­gle Awards print ads, some of which have been run­ning on our pages. Beau­ti­fully shot, they make the point in a some­times off-the-wall way that winning this print ad­ver­tis­ing ac­co­lade isn’t go­ing to be easy. And if you thought the ads were in­ter­est­ing, see www.ea­gleawards.co.za, and check out a re­ally great piece of in­ter­ac­tive pro­mo­tion.

Or­chids for all in­volved. – Bren­dan Seery

Nigel Fox writes: I don’t know about you, but ev­ery time I hear the new Stan­dard Bank pay-off “Mov­ing For­ward”, I think of the 1980s spoof song of Star Trek that had the cho­rus: “Star trekking across the uni­verse. Boldly mov­ing for­ward, ’coz we can’t find re­verse.”

Jes­sica Carolin, mar­ket­ing man­ager of USN, has re­sponded to An­drew Row­land’s com­ments last week about prod­uct packaging: “We can un­der­stand Mr Row­land’s con­cern; how­ever, I’d like to con­firm that the prod­uct quan­tity does cor­re­spond with the weight as stip­u­lated on the con­tainer, even if the con­tainer it­self is not filled.

“We have been us­ing a con­tainer mould de­vel­oped for our UK Diet Fuel prod­uct, which is a lot fluffier than the lo­cal ver­sion and there­fore re­quires more space. We, too, were con­cerned about con­sumer per­cep­tions upon find­ing the con­tainer par­tially filled and have there­fore de­vel­oped, and are in the process of launch­ing, new packaging for the SA Diet Fuel.

“I hope that this will go some way to re­build­ing our cred­i­bil­ity with Mr Row­land, as while we have had some packaging chal­lenges, our prod­uct cer­tainly lives up to con­sumer ex­pec­ta­tions.”

Anony­mous from the Cape writes: I would like to bring the fol­low­ing to your at­ten­tion – for an Onion. The Toy­ota Hilux advert on TV shows a fun ride, catchy coun­try and west­ern mu­sic in the back­ground. No prob­lem there. But just be­fore the fi­nal frames, the Hilux nips across a level cross­ing with a large train ap­proach­ing.

Here in the West­ern Cape we have re­cently had two hor­ri­fy­ing ac­ci­dents at level cross­ings – a whole fam­ily was wiped out at one. Sadly, th­ese ac­ci­dents hap­pen reg­u­larly over the years.

Driv­ing a fun Hilux will not save the oc­cu­pants from the driver’s mis­judge­ment of cross­ing in front of a speed­ing train.

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