The body sim­ply does not lie!

Acid­ity is silently erod­ing your health, and you don t even know it!

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It was Easter Sun­day 2007 when our Ärst story about over­com­ing acid­ity ap­peared in the Sun­day pa­pers. And what a re­sponse we had. Never in our wildest dreams did we an­tic­i­pate how many peo­ple would re­late to the prob­lems as­so­ci­ated with acid­ity and want help to over­come them.

Soon af­ter the fea­ture ap­peared, sto­ries from the pub­lic started Åood­ing in. Mul­ti­force is my friend! My Ängers are no longer stiff af­ter a morn­ing of cycling and I can play the pi­ano again. My acid at­tacks are some­thing of the past. Back ache and pain has dis­ap­peared. My su­gar crav­ing is un­der con­trol and I am not bing­ing any­more. My tummy has never felt so good. Con­sti­pa­tion is a dis­tant mem­ory. My headaches have gone... The list went on.

What is go­ing on in the body, then, that so many difÄcul­ties can be eased by a for­mula like Mul­ti­force? It s no mys­tery.

Ev­ery­thing we eat, breathe, drink , feel, think , say, do and ab­sorb has a chem­i­cal im­pact on the body but the process ba­si­cally has one of two re­sults. It ei­ther sup­ports the body or weak­ens it. If the body is weak­ened or dam­aged, high lev­els of acid­ity can set in that need to be neu­tralised. If the body is un­able to do this, the acid­ity ac­cu­mu­lates and de­vel­ops into a chronic state which is the breed­ing ground for dis­ease and de­gen­er­a­tion. This is known as aci­do­sis.

If left un­con­trolled, this on­go­ing acid state can lead to neg­a­tive con­se­quences for just about ev­ery part of the body. Natur­opaths and a grow­ing num­ber of pathol­o­gists, bio-chemists and spe­cial­ists see dis­ease as be­ing trig­gered in the body when our blood and in­tra­cel­lu­lar Åuids be­come too acidic. In the words of one doc­tor: The count­less names of ill­ness do not re­ally mat­ter. What does mat­ter is that they all come from the same root cause... Too much acid waste in the body.

Germs need an acidic en­vi­ron­ment

The fa­mous Dr Louis Pas­teur for­mu­lated the germ the­ory of dis­ease that iden­tiÄed germs as the cause of dis­ease. He re­vised this shortly be­fore his death how­ever, declar­ing: The germ is noth­ing, the in­ner ter­rain is ev­ery­thing. And germs need an acidic en­vi­ron­ment in which to Åour­ish! All sorts of prob­lems are be­ing as­so­ci­ated with aci­do­sis: from gout, arthri­tis, rheuma­tism, skin rashes, eczema, pso­ri­a­sis, in­di­ges­tion, con­sti­pa­tion, di­ar­rhoea and Åat­u­lence to headaches, raised blood pres­sure, body pain, rapid ag­ing, bad breath and smelly feet! Di­a­betes can fol­low and, some be­lieve, even can­cer.

The Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal Nutri­tion re­ported on a seven year study of 9 000 women com­pleted at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, San Fran­cisco. It showed that those women who had chronic aci­do­sis were at greater risk for bone loss than those with nor­mal pH lev­els. (pH is a mea­sure of acid-al­ka­line lev­els in the body.) The re­searchers be­lieved that many of the hip frac­tures oc­cur­ring in older women could be con­nected to high acid­ity caused by a diet rich in an­i­mal foods and low in veg­eta­bles be­cause the body has to bor­row cal­cium from the bones in or­der to bal­ance pH.

Let s look at acid­ity a lit­tle more. It s a state which Åuc­tu­ates con­stantly in the blood and body Åuids and de­vel­ops as a nor­mal by-prod­uct of eat­ing, drink­ing and breath­ing. >From our Ärst to our last breath, our bodies are con­stantly try­ing to reg­u­late the blood pH to a slightly al­ka­line level.

All the tril­lions of cells that make up our body are slightly al­ka­line and re­quire al­ka­lin­ity to func­tion and re­main healthy and alive. Al­though or­di­nary cel­lu­lar ac­tiv­ity causes acid­ity, it must not be al­lowed to build up. Look at the ex­am­ple of the body mak­ing lac­tic

acid when we ex­er­cise. This form of acid needs to be neu­tralised and elim­i­nated oth­er­wise it can lead to de­gen­er­a­tion of tis­sue and bones.

Acid­ity also causes a lack of oxy­gen in the cells which cre­ates the per­fect breed­ing ground for germs - from fun­guses and bac­te­ria to viruses. Can­cer is also thought to thrive in an anaer­o­bic (lack of oxy­gen) en­vi­ron­ment. Germs are ever present in the body and if it re­mains too acidic, the germs be­come ac­tive and we be­come ill. What is healthy for us is un­healthy for the bad or­gan­isms and what is healthy for them is un­healthy for our body.

Min­er­als and wa­ter are es­sen­tial

The hu­man body is won­der­fully in­tel­li­gent. To cor­rect the pH bal­ance in the blood and cel­lu­lar Åuids, it uses the kid­neys, lungs, skin and colon. And of th­ese four or­gans, the kid­neys are most im­por­tant to cor­rect the acid/al­ka­line bal­ance. The body uses cal­cium, mag­ne­sium, po­tas­sium and wa­ter to neu­tralise and ex­crete acid­ity, so we need to drink be­tween two and three litres of wa­ter daily and to eat foods rich in min­er­als. When the ra­tio of al­ka­line to acidic foods eaten daily be­comes com­pro­mised, the body uses re­serves in the bones and teeth to keep the pH of the blood and cel­lu­lar Åuids bal­anced. If your Åuids be­come to­tally acidic, cells be­gin to die - and the whole body is put at risk . This is what we call de­gen­er­a­tion of the body!

What ex­actly in the diet causes acid­ity? The an­swer is sim­ple: any­thing that makes you thirsty could make you acidic. Too much salt, su­gar, pro­cessed foods and drinks, cof­fee, tea, al­co­hol, med­i­ca­tion, Äzzy drinks and even ill­nesses such as di­a­betes make

you thirsty. Which is why drink­ing enough wa­ter is so im­por­tant. To achieve a mea­sure of good health in life and longevity, it stands to rea­son that one s life­style should match the re­quire­ments of the body as closely as pos­si­ble so we need a diet of al­ka­lis­ing foods. Or­ganic fruit, veg­eta­bles and whole grains are top of the list. Rest, ex­er­cise and liv­ing joy­fully all con­trib­ute to the well­be­ing of the whole which can help pre­vent aci­do­sis from strik­ing.

An­other use­ful fact about the pH bal­ance of the body is that in or­der for you to get op­ti­mal ab­sorp­tion of nu­tri­ents from the food you eat, you need to be pH bal­anced. So there is an im­por­tant cir­cle that we can main­tain. And Mul­ti­force can help you do so.

Mul­ti­force is a min­eral sup­ple­ment which con­tains macro min­er­als re­quired by ev­ery body, ev­ery day to stay well. It is a mix­ture of the min­er­als cal­cium, mag­ne­sium and po­tas­sium to­gether with plant cal­cium and acerola vi­ta­min C to as­sist with ab­sorp­tion in the body and the cleans­ing po­ten­tial which it re­leases in the cells. We all need th­ese min­er­als ev­ery day. A whole­some diet of nat­u­ral rather than reÄned or pro­cessed foods will sup­ply most of the body s min­eral re­quire­ments but the prob­lem is that few peo­ple eat such a diet. The re­sult is poor qual­ity health.

I be­lieve that Mul­ti­force is an es­sen­tial part of a mod­ern healthy life­style. Reg­u­lar use will en­sure that you are wear­ing full min­eral ar­mour! Take a tea­spoon­ful of your macro min­er­als in a glass of wa­ter ev­ery day and you will be help­ing your body. No more acid at­tacks or chronic aci­do­sis for you: only bal­ance, al­ka­lin­ity and good health, day af­ter day.

Estie Schreiber

Liv­ing Nat­u­rally Health Ad­vi­sor

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