Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Pl Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree Oil, na­ture's 'first aid kit in a bot­tle'

The oil has been used for over a cen­tury for th­ese pur­poses. The lat­est re­search shows that Tea Tree oil can even kill fungi.

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Hold­ing up four singed ¿nger­tips in hor­ror, I looked across to my mother, Irma Schutte, for help. I car­ried a hot dish straight from the oven to the ta­ble with my bare hands. Without ut­ter­ing a word, she rushed to the bath­room and fetched the Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. She moist­ened cot­ton wool with the oil, and cov­ered each burnt ¿nger with a sort of thim­ble. As the oil touched my skin, the pain van­ished. If I re­moved the thim­ble, the pain re­turned. For the next 12 hours I wore the Tea Tree thim­bles. The next morn­ing there was no sign of any burns no blis­ters, and no pain. A few days later the skin peeled and not a mark re­mained.

Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion s Tea Tree prod­ucts are as much a part of my life as sleep­ing and breath­ing. This won­der­ful range of prod­ucts is avail­able in South Africa to­day be­cause my mom Irma heard about Tea Tree Oil. She read that it was an ex­cel­lent medic­i­nal-grade oil, and since 1995 we have been the proud dis­trib­u­tors of Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion in South Africa.

Tea Tree Oil is na­ture s ¿rst aid kit in a bot­tle. From head to toe for cuts, burns, sun­burn, pim­ples, sores, mouth ul­cers, gum prob­lems, dan­druff, head lice, fun­gal in­fec­tions, in­sect bites, nail prob­lems, vagi­nal prob­lems Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree Oil can help. It was the Dean fam­ily, founders of Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion in Aus­tralia, who re­stored this in­dige­nous oil to its right­ful place. If it hadn t been for them, the Tea Tree might well have be­come ex­tinct af­ter the ad­vent of chem­i­cal med­i­ca­tions and dis­in­fec­tants.

For years, step­fa­ther Eric White pleaded with the Aus­tralian au­thor­i­ties to al­lo­cate some land suit­able for Tea Trees to the fam­ily so that they could cul­ti­vate the ¿rst Tea Tree plan­ta­tion. Four years later, it was on a Thurs­day that the gov­ern­ment signed a 99-year lease and Eric founded the com­pany known as Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion .

The ¿rst bot­tles of Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree Oil were sold 30 years ago to friends of Christo­pher and Lynda Dean at a Àea mar­ket. They sold seven bot­tles, com­plete with hand-made la­bels and car­ton in­for­ma­tion sheets. A month later those pur­chasers were back, buy­ing bot­tles for their un­cles, their sons and daugh­ters, their grand­moth­ers ... this time Christo­pher and Lynda sold 30 bot­tles, and they re­alised that the prod­uct could be­come a real suc­cess.

In an in­ter­view Lynda told me that she was ¿nally con­vinced of this when she was able to buy new py­ja­mas for all three of her chil­dren on the same day. The Dean s dream was and still is that ev­ery home in the world will have a bot­tle of Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tee Oil as na­ture s ¿rst aid kit in a bot­tle. This dream is slowly com­ing closer to re­al­ity.

Lynda told me how her el­dest son vis­ited his grand­mother in Syd­ney at age ¿ve. He en­coun­tered a spi­ral plate stove for the ¿rst time in his young life. The plate glowed red with heat, and Lynda ex­plained to him that it was hot and would burn him if he touched it. But when his grand­mother switched off the plate, it stopped glow­ing. Christo­pher ju­nior put his hand Àat on the plate, and it singed an ag­o­nis­ing spi­ral on the ten­der skin. Lynda im­me­di­ately ap­plied Tea Tree Oil to the burn, and con­tin­ued to ap­ply it ev­ery few min­utes. He went to bed with the oil on his hand, and when Lynda asked him the next morn­ing how he was, he held up the wrong hand. His hand had re­cov­ered 100%. This won­der­ful prod­uct has been a life­saver to the Dean fam­ily on many oc­ca­sions.

There is a de¿nite dif­fer­ence in qual­ity be­tween Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree Oil and cheaper com­mer­cial Tea Tree oils. In or­der to re­ceive ap­proval as Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree Oil, the qual­ity of the oil must be at least 20% higher than the in­dus­try stan­dard.

Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion has con­ducted re­search on their oil for many years. It has been proven that Tea Tree oil is an­ti­sep­tic, an­tibac­te­rial, an­ti­inÀam­ma­tory and an­tivi­ral. The oil has been used for over a cen­tury for th­ese pur­poses. The lat­est re­search shows that Tea Tree oil can even kill fungi. Be­cause Tea Tree oil has be­come a size­able ex­port prod­uct of Aus­tralia, the Aus­tralian Tea Tree Oil in­dus­try and the Ru­ral In­dus­tries Re­search and De­vel­op­ment Cor­po­ra­tion con­ducted in­de­pen­dent re­search to es­tab­lish whether the oil is safe and can be used medic­i­nally. The re­sults speak for them­selves, and in­ter­est­ingly much of the in­for­ma­tion was based on Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree prod­ucts.

It is good to know that some­thing that means so much to me re­ally has been proven to have the qual­i­ties I ex­pe­ri­enced. Stud­ies on tox­i­c­ity and safety are im­por­tant when you use skin prod­ucts. You must be sure that the prod­uct is harm­less, be­cause the skin ab­sorbs sub­stances good or bad. I can use Tea Tree Oil with com­plete peace of mind, know­ing that it is good for me.

There are 26 prod­ucts in the Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion range, per­fectly for­mu­lated to pro­tect you from head to toe. Some of th­ese prod­ucts are: Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree Cream for sun­burn or skin rash Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree 15% So­lu­tion to add to your bath Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Sham­poo and Con­di­tioner for clean, healthy hair Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Head Lice Gel for head lice Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tooth­paste and Mouth­wash for den­tal hy­giene Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Foot Pow­der and Spray for ath­lete s foot, sweaty feet or burn­ing feet

Even Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Dog Sham­poo is avail­able for our ca­nine friends, to en­sure that their skins and coats are clean and healthy. Be­cause Tea Tree Oil has such re­mark­able prop­er­ties, killing germs, viruses and fungi, it makes sense to en­sure that you are pro­tected on a daily ba­sis. You ll ¿nd th­ese or­gan­isms wher­ever there is a high con­cen­tra­tion of peo­ple, for ex­am­ple in trains, buses, build­ings, lifts, shop­ping cen­tres, restau­rants, hos­pi­tals, hol­i­day re­sorts and aero­planes no one should board a plane without Tea Tree Oil! A drop on the hands sani­tises the skin, and if you cup your hands over your nose and breathe in deeply, your air­ways will also be cleansed and pro­tected against the high lev­els of harm­ful or­gan­isms cir­cu­lat­ing in the cabin. A few drops of Tea Tree Oil in an aromatic va­por­iser will give every­one in your home the op­por­tu­nity to in­hale it and gain the bene¿ts. Re­mem­ber that the oil is ex­cel­lent for steam­ing pur­poses if you are suf­fer­ing from si­nusi­tis, hay fever or a cold.

Tea Tree Oil and chem­i­cal medicines are not com­pa­ra­ble. The oil con­tains sev­eral ac­tive in­gre­di­ents that work to­gether to pro­tect you. An­other in­ter­est­ing fact is that ev­ery har­vest is dif­fer­ent from the pre­vi­ous one. From year to year batches of Tea Tree Oil are there­fore never ex­actly the same, so germs

can­not de­velop a strat­egy to avoid the oil s an­ti­sep­tic qual­i­ties. Ev­ery per­son who goes to hospi­tal will do them­selves a huge favour by tak­ing Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion prod­ucts with them for per­sonal care and pro­tec­tion. Most phar­ma­cies and health shops sell th­ese prod­ucts. Thurs­day Plan­ta­tion Tea Tree Oil! Make sure you have a bot­tle in the house, and take one with you when you are trav­el­ling you never know

when you are go­ing to need it.

Estie Schreiber Liv­ing Nat­u­rally Health Ad­vi­sor

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