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en­ti­ties sit­ting on TOP of our soil?

There is also the crit­i­cal mat­ter of ef­fec­tive strate­gic con­trol over re­sources and over the pro­duc­tion, ben­e­fi­ci­a­tion, lo­gis­tics, mar­ket­ing and in­vest­ment pro­cesses in­evitably linked to such con­trol.

The Youth Lea­guers ar­gues that if we na­tion­alise the mines we will be able to en­sure that we ben­e­fi­ci­ate rather than sim­ply be­ing a pri­mary com­mod­ity ex­porter. In some re­spects SA is al­ready in­volved in

The prob­lem is not the lack of ben­e­fi­ci­a­tion but the kind of ben­e­fi­ci­a­tion. Alu­minium smelter plants are huge elec­tric­ity gob­blers, and the baux­ite is not even mined here, but shipped from Aus­tralia. We are lit­er­ally ex­port­ing at a loss South African elec­tric­ity con­gealed into alu­minium bars at a time when we are fac­ing ma­jor elec­tric­ity short­ages. Our coal-fired power sta­tions are ma­jor car­bon emit­ters and con­sumers of wa­ter re­sources. Th­ese

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