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I USU­ALLY work on a Fri­day and 95 per­cent of the time I would be do­ing dou­ble shows on a Satur­day, so Satur­day morn­ings I cher­ish like gold.

I love break­fast at a very nice cof­fee shop and there are many around Cape Town.

Neo is one of my favourites. When I’m walk­ing my dog and my part­ner An­war is with me, then we al­ways stop over at New­port be­cause they’ve got Tup­per­ware with wa­ter in them for dogs.

I’m an early riser. My aunt told me the older you get, the fewer hours you sleep. No­body warned me, so I thought I was wak­ing up with amaz­ing Oprah in­spi­ra­tion at, like, half past five.

So the dog gets to walk very early and I get to eat very early, which is great. I have a brown dachs­hund, Tina. She con­trols my life, as dachshunds do. The other dog that I had, Billy, was my dog and Tina is very much An­war’s dog, and the dogs re­flect our per­son­al­i­ties.

An­war is the com­plete op­po­site of me. He brings a lot of sta­bil­ity to my life. I’m 41 now and at this stage I’m sort of calm­ing down, which is great for my work.

Then I go back home on a Satur­day morn­ing and I usu­ally just chill and then think about the shows and the week that’s gone.

Also catch­ing up with a movie on TV. Some­thing that I usu­ally record on TV. I’m ly­ing, it’s not a movie, I record Judge Judy dur­ing the week. She makes the most sense – peo­ple don’t be­lieve me yet. I think about her at odd times be­cause she talks about friend­ship and peo­ple you should watch out for. Okay, she’s a bit like John Wayne, Wild Wild West, but, you know, it’s very ap­pli­ca­ble.

I lived in Sea Point for years and now I’ve bought a flat in Green Point. It’s a kind of shift into adult world. It’s a place that we kind of bull­dozed down and re­designed our­selves – in a com­plex. There’re six of us. It’s the first place that I’ve owned. So now I ig­nore calls from call cen­tres be­cause you recog­nise the num­ber for the home loans de­part­ments.

I will go the beach, but I’m a swim­ming pool per­son. Par­tic­u­larly on a hot sum­mer’s day – that would be my thing. I love the pool. If I’m hav­ing a great show in the evening, I will go out af­ter the last show.

I’m hop­ing to bump into peo­ple who were at the show and they can, like, tell me I was great. I’ll go danc­ing and usu­ally end up at Beaulah or Bronx. Lately I’ve been go­ing to Chev­elle sim­ply be­cause they al­low you to wear takkies and there’s a nice crowd who hangs out there.

Sun­day morn­ings at half past nine, we are at the movie house. I can’t go later on a Sun­day be­cause it gets re­ally busy. There’s al­ways some­body who thinks that they’re mak­ing this amaz­ing com­ment. They’re the first peo­ple to say, “Ooh, don’t sit in front of me.” And then the bil­tong and pop­corn peo­ple come in the late af­ter­noon and they get re­ally noisy. We usu­ally catch movies at Nou­veau so we’re al­ways go­ing to the Water­front, which is fine on a Sun­day morn­ing be­cause peo­ple are still wak­ing up. Even the staff are still wak­ing up.

Sun­day af­ter­noons we’ll go out to a nice restau­rant, have great food, great wine. I love Col’Cac­chio on the Fore­shore be­cause the food there has al­ways been great, the vibe there is al­ways fan­tas­tic and I get vouch­ers – now I do, since they’ve seen me there of­ten enough. I love Thai food so I’m al­ways at Chef Pon’s, if I’m in the mood for Thai food. I also love spicy food and I can’t make it my­self, and that means I’m al­ways at Bukhara.

I like to pre­tend that I’ve cooked. If I in­vite friends over for din­ner, I usu­ally take an empty pot to Bukhara. The peo­ple who re­ally ex­pect me to come with my empty pot are at Ma­hara­jah be­cause they’ve been do­ing it for me for years. And they re­ally make it look like it’s my own. There’s even a sep­a­rate bowl with sal­ads and stuff. Friends ar­rive and we all have a won­der­ful time and every­one pre­tends they don’t re­ally know it’s Ma­hara­jah and then they get drunk and then they say it’s Ma­hara­jah. It’s been like that for years. I can’t let my hair down on a Sun­day night be­cause I’ve got a per­sonal trainer at 8 o’clock on a Mon­day morn­ing – de­lib­er­ately. It could hap­pen at three but I made it at eight.

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