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● The 2009 ma­tric re­sults are a clear con­se­quence of poor ap­point­ments in gov­ern­ment and on­go­ing na­tional dis­trac­tions caused by the cab­i­net and clowns such as Malema and Shaik .

● There is only one crime worse than apartheid, namely that of a ma­jor­ity gov­ern­ment tak­ing tens of bil­lions of tax­payer rands a year and wast­ing them on medi­ocre ed­u­ca­tion. This pa­thetic state of af­fairs will en­sure that the masses, who ac­tu­ally voted ANC, are doomed to un­em­ploy­ment or low in­comes for life. Is this part of a scheme to leave the masses poor and un­e­d­u­cated so that rev­o­lu­tion­ary rhetoric falls on fer­tile ground?

● Pupils spend too much time on MXit in­stead of read­ing good books and mag­a­zines.

● Jonathan Clark – your in­fer­ence that the east metropole re­sults repli­cate the East­ern Cape ma­tric re­sults ac­cu­rately is no sur­prise, given many of those pupils left the East­ern Cape, a prov­ince bankrupted by the ANC ge­niuses their il­lit­er­ate par­ents were per­suaded to vote for. The fact they all left the East­ern Cape con­firms the chick­ens are roost­ing mer­rily.

● I agree with Mr Isaacs, it will be a very good idea to change back to the old teach­ing method again, then the par­ents will be able to help their kids. With this new method the par­ents don’t even un­der­stand what our kids are be­ing taught. Hope our in­put will help.

● Mr Isaacs, I hope more teach­ers and par­ents will as­sist you with your sug­ges­tion, then it will be eas­ier for the kids to un­der­stand and for the par­ents to as­sist.

● Brian Isaacs’s fight for low pupil-to-teacher ra­tios would, if adopted, be the next step for bet­ter ma­tric re­sults.

● OBE never worked and will never work. The old teach­ing meth­ods pro­duced doc­tors, teach­ers and all skilled work­ers. The ma­tric re­sults once more proved that OBE must be scrapped im­me­di­ately.

● The only hope of achiev­ing bet­ter exam re­sults is to make the pa­pers like a crossword puz­zle with the an­swers on the back page.

● Oops! To have one “ac­turial” in an ar­ti­cle on ed­u­ca­tion is bad enough, but

two? Back to school with you.

● It wouldn’t sur­prise me if the Ed­u­ca­tion Depart­ment pub­lished this year’s ma­tric re­sults be­fore the ex­ams are writ­ten.

● Newly ap­pointed town­ship prin­ci­pal. First day on the job. No elec­tric­ity. Bur­glar alarm did not go off. Alarm still un­der guar­an­tee. Wires stolen. How do I face learn­ers, staff and par­ents on Mon­day? Help.

● What hap­pens to the matrics who have passed but get told by school to come back next week? My god­child gets ex­cel­lent marks and got a cer­tifi­cate say­ing “re­sults in­com­plete” be­cause the school had him down for de­sign in­stead of vis­ual art. The school even got his name wrong on the tes­ti­mo­nial. Big dis­ap­point­ment when your friends are out cel­e­brat­ing. And when your name doesn’t ap­pear in the pa­per peo­ple think you have failed when you have ac­tu­ally passed. See­ing your name in the pa­per af­ter a 12-year jour­ney is sup­posed to be a joy­ous oc­ca­sion, well for our fam­ily it’s not

● I read about the ma­tric re­sults and the poor man­age­ment at so many schools and then drove past Ken­ridge Pri­mary School and re­alised how for­tu­nate we are to have our chil­dren at this great school. All fields are neatly cut, no lit­ter to be seen any­where and al­ready many teach­ers’ cars at school pre­par­ing for the new term. I even recog­nised the prin­ci­pal’s bakkie parked in front of the school.

● When will the Ed­u­ca­tion Depart­ment learn that without a good prin­ci­pal a school will never per­form? Dou­ble their salaries if they per­form and de­mote or fire them if they don’t. For­get about start­ing at the bot­tom. The buck stops at the top.

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