Weekend Argus (Saturday Edition) - - GOOD GAMES - – Neil Hayward

The early play: The ♠ Q is led.

Rec­om­mended line: Win the lead in hand, pre­serv­ing the ♠ K as an en­try on ta­ble for later use.

Draw trumps, and duck a round of clubs. You do need to lose a club any­way, and the early duck of­ten al­lows you to play the long suit with greater flu­id­ity fur­ther down the line.

If they play an­other spade, win on ta­ble, and play the ♣ A and an­other club, ruff­ing.

As­sum­ing a rel­a­tively un­favourable 4-1 break in clubs, they still hold a con­trol­ling card in the suit. Your next move is to cross in di­a­monds, fol­lowed by an­other club ruff (which brings down their last card).

You now cross back in di­a­monds, and cash two good clubs (un­for­tu­nately, the sec­ond of th­ese has to be trumped, so it does not ac­tu­ally earn you a trick).

You make two spades, six hearts, two di­a­monds and two clubs.

The long suit can pro­duce the cru­cial trick if you ex­er­cise pa­tience – and en­sure you can reach the gold.

● Robert Shee­han and Jonathan Cansino have a re­ally bad ses­sion. Nat­u­rally, each thinks it is the other’s fault. Fi­nally Shee­han hands Cansino a tiny piece of blank pa­per and says: “Here Jonathan, write down ev­ery­thing you know about bridge.”

Cansino replies: “Well, it’s a big­ger piece of pa­per than I would have given you.”

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